Beam Launches BeamX Bringing Privacy to DeFi

Sasha Abramovich
Nov 12 · 3 min read
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What is BeamX

Almost 2 years since the Mainnet launch, Beam brings its expertise to the DeFi space. Launching the BeamX platform will enable creating financial applications that are confidential, decentralized and user-friendly, like that of Beam itself. Potential applications include DEX, Uniswap-like Automatic Market Making, DAI-like Algorithmic Stable Coins, lending, wrapped assets and NFT tokens.

BeamX will benefit from the suite of tools already available, such as Atomic Swaps, Laser Beam (Bidirectional Payment Channels) and Confidential Assets, and be joined by future infrastructure upgrades such as Oracles and interoperability with Ethereum / Polkadot.

Why privacy is important

The majority of current DeFi applications are running within the Ethereum ecosystem; a transparent, public chain. One does not have to look far to see the issues arising from the lack of privacy. From front running bots to visible on-chain lending and margin trades, players big and small have their transactions exposed, along with the strategies they adopt. The only way to resolve many such issues is by adding privacy to DeFi, which is exactly what the BeamX platform is targeting.

What’s the innovation

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The BeamX platform will offer the ability for developers to build decentralized apps and financial instruments by using Ethereum-like smart contracts and user-friendly frontend components.

The contracts, a.k.a. Beam Shaders, will be compiled from a variety of programming languages into WebAssembly (WASM) and will be executed by the Beam Virtual Machine (BVM) running in Beam nodes. Using WASM enables creators of smart contracts to use a wide variety of programming languages such as Rust, Go, C++ etc.

BeamX DeFi applications will be easily embedded into Beam wallets, utilizing a web-based framework. Having wallets across all major platforms will allow developers to take their applications to the already established Beam user base via an in-wallet DAPP store.

BeamX launch and timeline

BeamX will launch November 19th, with the first iteration being an experimental network, aiming to flesh out the infrastructure, documentation, and developer tools.

To receive an invitation to the BeamX launch party, join the community channel, and if you are looking to build on Beam, join the developer channel on Telegram. The team has prepared a special game to celebrate the launch of the first BeamX app with the chance to take home some prizes. Stay tuned for more info.

The BeamX launch coincides with Beam’s participation in the upcoming Hackathon by Encode Hack Club, alongside the likes of Polkadot, Binance, and Avalanche, where they expect the first outside developments to be built on BeamX.

The Mainnet activation is expected in Q1 2021 post hard fork.

Come discover Beam and join our community!

Learn more about BeamX: on our website

BeamX documentation: 1 2

BeamX Support:

BeamX Dev:


QQ Beam 中国官方社区:



Co-authored with Angus Sullivan


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