Beam Turns 3! Highlighting the Very Best of Beam

Beam, the industry-leading privacy-by-default blockchain turns 3! On January 3rd 2019, Beam started off as a privacy cryptocurrency but over years of continuous hard work and development, has quickly transformed itself into a vibrant confidential DeFi ecosystem.

Each year has been a substantial leap forward with rapid developments and feature releases, such as hard forking the Beam blockchain to improve speed, efficiency and implementing smart contracts to enable BeamX confidential DeFi & the dApp store.

The governance of Beam is progressively being handed over to the community via the Beam DAO; where $BEAMX governance token holders will be able to create and vote on proposals, dictating the future of Beam.

All good things come in 3's! To celebrate Beam’s 3rd Year Anniversary, we follow the rule of three’s by:

1. Hosting the Beam Birthday Bash NFT Competition

2. Hosting the Beamer Community Call on January 3rd

3. Taking a step back to reflect on the best of Beam, highlighting and applauding the immense efforts of the Beam Team and the incredible support from the Beamer Community.

The Best Privacy Protocols


Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol that allows for a completely private transaction platform, there are no addresses and transactions are fully confidential.


Lelantus allows the creation of a shielded UTXO pool that drastically increases the anonymity set, making it virtually impossible to establish links between transactions.


Dandelion is a privacy-preserving protocol that alters the routing mechanism of transactions, providing anonymity guarantees against deanonymization attacks. Dandelion randomizes the paths of all transactions, making it very difficult to trace any given transaction.

The Best Usability Upgrades

Fly Client

FlyClient is an incredible design for a super-light client. It requires miners to commit to a blockchain’s history at each block and eliminates the attack vector present in traditional proofs of proof-of-work (PoPoW) and Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof of Work (NIPoPoW) super-light client design.

Offline payments

Regular Mimblewimble transactions need both transacting parties to interact, Offline payments solve this allowing for transactions to be pushed from the sender without the receiver needing to get online.

Mobile Wallets

Send & receive $BEAM on your smartphones with Beam Mobile Wallet. Version 6.2 brought confidential DeFi to your pocket, allowing access to dApps such as Beam DAO Core for staking $BEAM, and the NFT Gallery for trading confidential NFTs.

The Best Feature Updates


Lock up your $BEAM in the DAO Core staking dApp and earn passive rewards in the form of $BEAM governance tokens. $BEAMX holders will be able to participate in Beam DAO governance and vote for future proposals and developments within the Beam ecosystem. The Beam Staking Campaign, which rewards 1,000,000 $BEAMX to early stakers is live until January 21, so there’s still time to participate.

Confidential NFTs

NFT or non-fungible token, the buzzword of the year, receives the maximum privacy upgrade on the Beam blockchain. On traditional blockchains such as Ethereum, all NFT transaction metadata is public, meaning users can track and trace any NFT forever on the blockchain explorer. Confidential NFTs hide all transaction metadata, whilst still retaining proof of ownership and authenticity on the Beam blockchain.

The NFT Gallery dApp is available in the Beam Wallet to buy and sell NFTs; new collections are minted every Thursday, with plans for self minting coming in V2 of the marketplace.

Beam Confidential dApp Store on Smartphones

Access confidential DeFi without a computer! Stake $BEAM & earn staking rewards in $BEAMX; purchase confidential NFTs directly through the dApp Store in Beam Mobile Wallet 6.2. All future dApps will automatically roll out to Beam Mobile Wallet through updates.

The Best Community Created Tools

Beam Butler

Your private assistant for all things Beam. Beam Butler is located in Telegram and in his own words:

“My job is:

▲ To provide all the information you could possibly need relating to Beam

▲ I’m also able to help you get tipping other valuable Beamers”

Enter various commands such as /help, /faq, /price etc. to learn more about Beam, its price and receive comparisons with other privacy coins such as Monero or Zcash.

The butler can be used to send $BEAM tips to other users, which can then be withdrawn into the Beam Wallet. Add Beam Butler to Telegram here!

Beam Tip Bot

Created by the prominent Beamer community member “vsnation”, Beam Tip Bot helps users send each other $BEAM tips on Twitter telegram and soon Discord. Visit the Beam Tip Bot here!

Beam Open Source Pool

Mine $BEAM by pooling your computational resources with other Beamer miners. Developed by Beamer “raskul”, Beam Open Source Pool levels the playing field for miners and allows even the smallest entry-level rigs to by participating in a mining pool. Access the Beam Open Source Pool here.

The Best Community Created Projects

Browse confidential NFTs on the web through Beamer vsnation’s redesigned Marketplace. Preview community-created collections such as the Beam Halloween Competition, BEAM Punks and Rangers FC collection. highlights the newest collections on the marketplace each week and also prepares step-by-step tutorials for the Beamer community.

Swap $BEAM for assets such as $BTC or $USDT using the community-made swaps exchange BEAM4.ME. All swaps are private-by-default and can be completed without the need to connect a wallet.


An Open Source payment processor for any merchant to accept $BEAM as a payment currency. Developed by Beamer “vsnation”, BeamPay’s simple set-up enables any website to accept $BEAM for commerce.

Stay Tuned for Yet Another Feature-Packed Year!

A big thank you to the Beamers all around the world for developing amazing tools and projects. With future features such as SDK support, confidential stablecoins & dApp support for devs, we can’t wait to see the awesome projects from the Beamer community in 2022.

The Beam Roadmap Rocketship shows no signs of slowing down as we gear into hyperdrive with a decentralized Ethereum bridge, play-to-earn games and an Automated Market Maker (AMM) dApp currently in the works!

Come discover Beam and join our community!

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