BEAM weekly Gig session — Week #36

Hello to the BEAM community, what’s up today?

The BEAM Team is quite excited to provide with some important information from time to time regarding the BEAM project and all what is done around it to reach our common goals.

So what are we going to talk about today? We will speak about our Mobile version, about our Testnet going public in a couple of weeks, about the Secure BBS, and some other fantastic points.

Ready? Let’s go!

Mobile, mobile and mobile!

We can’t count the number of times we’ve been asked about our Mobile version of the BEAM Wallet. And well, guys we would like to surprise you with this. We may be able to release the Mobile wallet for the time of the launch at the end of the year, but we cannot commit to that yet. Anyhow, we can assure you will see some mockups and Tech. Specs as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

I publish a White Paper, therefore I am?!?

May we ask you a question? No answer? It means we can. So please fellows, let us understand why you would like us to publish a White Paper? BEAM is not and won’t be doing any public fundraising. In other words, we are not an ICO and we won’t publish any kind of White Paper. We may update our Position Paper, but be sure you will be the first to know about it.

Our milestones are set in stone!

So you asked few questions about our milestones. And you were right! We tried to keep the published milestones very simple — Internal POC — Testnet — Mainnet. We did release the internal POC on time, but it was, well, internal. And this is not it, it’s going to be legen-wait for it… dary! Our source code was published on September 1st 2018 as planned. The public Testnet is aimed to be released during September 2018. Stay tuned too here, announcements are coming.

Security first!

Team BEAM is going to deploy a Secure BBS system for the Testnet purposes as an encrypted message board in which messages between wallets will be encrypted using separate sets of keys, which also are used to generate temporary addresses for wallets to connect to each other. SBBS is currently running within BEAM Nodes. It is not related in any way to the blockchain and its architecture might change significantly before the Mainnet launch at the end of the year.

Auditable vs Privacy, you’re the doc, Doc!

Privacy is about choosing what you share and with whom. Some people do not want to share their financial data with anyone. However, some people and businesses want to share their respective transaction history with their auditors, bookkeepers, tax authorities, etc.

The Auditable Transactions functionality is optional (a user will have to explicitly allow transaction auditability in the wallet), and cannot be applied to past transactions retroactively.

Because we speak about liberty, and liberty means from BEAM’s point of view, to let the people choose whether they are willing to share their financial activity with BEAM or to keep it private to their own eyes, BEAM will never decide for you guys. You’re the boss. More will come on this fantastic feature.

And to conclude…

BEAM will go Atomic. We mean Atomic Swaps will be implemented. They are on our roadmap and it will happen before the Maintest Launch.

And last but not least, fees guys! Fees! Transaction fees will be determined solely by the users for the users! Exact amounts will probably depend on the amount of transactions relative to the network capacity.

Stay tuned for more improvements and announcements about BEAM over the coming weeks that will continue to open up news possibilities!

Have a question? Want to share with Team BEAM some ideas and solutions, what are you waiting for?

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