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Introducing The Next DAPP Store Iteration: D2App Store

The Inception of Confidential DAPPs

The last Beam hard fork at block 1,280,000 enabled the implementation of smart contracts on the private-by-default blockchain paving way for the confidential BeamX DeFi ecosystem comprised of decentralized censorship-resistant DAPP stores with a thriving NFT marketplace.

The Beam Staking Campaign locked roughly ~20% of the total $BEAM supply for a duration of 3 months. Beam Confidential NFTs’ short 4-month history has seen >320,000 $BEAM spent in the marketplace.

The D2APP Store

D2App Store is the next big iteration coming to Beam Desktop Wallet with the 6.3 release. Integrated with an InterPlanetary File Storage (IPFS) for decentralized file storage and confidential smart contracts powering Dapps, the main goal is to improve reliability, privacy and censorship resistance properties in comparison to centralized frontends that are used in most current Web3 applications.

For example, web-based Dapps such as Aave or Uniswap are hosted on cloud storage servers like Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure. Web-based Dapps are dependent on their respective cloud storage to remain online and can be subject to censors due to compliance to servers owned by centralized entities. An analogy, Apple can place restrictions/limits on App Developers in the App Store or remove apps entirely as they hold control over the platform.

In contrast, confidential DAPPs on Beam are completely decentralized i.e. they are not hosted on centralized cloud servers, running directly on a user’s machine and connected to the blockchain through a node. Think of it as being able to install .apk applications straight to Android phones if the application has been censored or modified on Google Play Store.

How does the new D2App Store work?

The process starts with Dapp developers registering as a publisher, which creates an account in the smart contract and generates a unique identifier, tying Dapps created by the dev to the identifier.

Any user that wants to install Dapps can simply copy-paste the publishers’ unique identifier, to view a list of the publisher’s Dapps & install it on Beam Desktop Wallet.

The application itself is an archive (.dapp) containing the entire application code that interacts with the smart contracts on the blockchain. The archive contains the publisher, their unique identifier and optional auditor signatures to verify authenticity and validity.

Beam D2App Store will also support version management allowing Dapp developers to push over-the-air updates of Dapps as well as notifications on issues and potential problems.

In addition to installing Dapps in the Beam Desktop Wallet, Dapps can also be hosted on the web, accessible from the Beam Web Wallet web extension. Visit Beam’s Confidential Web Dapps here!

More Dapps on the Way!

Join the Beam spaceship as we jetpack into 2022 with a jampacked Q1 bringing governance voting Dapp, confidential stablecoins & a DEX with yield farming mechanisms for stakers & liquidity providers. Read the original BEAM Roadmap announcement article here.

Come discover Beam and join our community!

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