Meet BEAM Ambassador #7: Chirag Sidhdhapara — Philippines

BEAM is continuously upholding the foundation of privacy as a value. As BEAM protects the values that Mimblewimble privacy protocols continue to spread, distinguished and influential ambassadors within the cryptocurrency continue to represent our values and contribute to its widespread impact. Ambassadors are devoting themselves to building a fairer future where the privacy and the financial privacy paradigms are protected. Meet Chirag Sidhdhapara, an influential ambassador from the Philippines!

Who are you?

My name is Chirag Sidhdhapara, an agitator, adopter, and adorer of anything that’s disruptive. I strongly affirm that the 21st Century is a Technology Century; where every other day new ideas are born and in the making, some are successful, while others fail as well. But at the end of the day, what matters is one’s enthusiasm, and choosing to take the road less traveled, which makes me dive into anything that’s challenging the old horses. I’m currently a student graduating my studies in Medicine, with interests in Tech, Decentralised platforms, Volunteering, Speaking, and Business.

I have experienced the first crypto market booms in early 2016 when a crypto coin soared by 50℅ because the company was going to release their new website. Upon further study, some wonderful projects emerged but most of them were nothing special. Gradually the crypto market expanded exponentially.

I joined Blocksafe in December 2017 and within 5 weeks in the job I had lined up more than 40 companies and a pilot project for a Government Agency in the Philippines. The project focused on security and decentralised data. In March 2018 I was coordinating with Guppy for merchant acceptance; this includes resort, restaurant, general store, and various small-scale businesses.

I have been passively involved in various Blockchain projects related to healthcare and accountability. I believe that the Blockchain space will have various new opportunities ahead, as the exposure of Blockchain/Crypto/Decentralised ecosystem has reached a peak in the past few years. Individuals are developing chains and there are numerous user bases, much more than before. This makes the future more fascinating. Change is coming….


This is interesting; while making a fundamental analysis, TEAM and TECH are criteria. The team is experienced and visionary, delivering on times. Under Tech, Mimblewimble is an amalgamation of several versions of cryptographic tricks meant for Bitcoin. In addition, it utilizes some clever math to completely innovate the Blockchain, make it scalable, and the most importantly make it ‘ANONYMOUS.’ The innovative tech and hard-working team can surely reach the unreached lands. And that has immersed me into BEAM.

What do you enjoy working on?

I enjoy working on/with the tech that’s disruptive and challenging. I volunteering for good causes, write, and brainstorm for a particular idea. The idea of making life more productive inspires me. I enjoy envisioning the vision, evolving, and keeping up with the latest tech trends. I firmly believe that as one helps others this strengthens one’s own skills, power, and influence. Therefore, I try helping anyone in the best ways I possibly can and spend time in empowering the less fortunate.

What do you want to see in a privacy-oriented world?

Let humans remain humans. Instead of making privacy a commodity, it should be considered as a right. This is because privacy limits the power of influence on us protects freedom of individuality, and provides autonomy. In the future, especially in the digital world, we want to see more decentralized and peer-to-peer platforms to take over the centralized giants, and gradually refrain them from infringing on the privacy of the individual.

Why should someone become a BEAM Ambassador?

Becoming a BEAM ambassador provides various opportunities like being continuously connected with the team and at the same time cultivating one’s own skills. Moreover, this opportunity provides an ambassador to work with a potent company that has a global anonymous payment channel with the power to take over all the existing anon cryptos. Join the BEAM’s force and be a part of the amazing journey.

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