Meet BEAM Ambassadors #13 — Nguyen Hoang Diep — Hanoi City, Vietnam

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May 22 · 4 min read

As an integral part of our Blog, Beam is highlighting the fantastic Ambassadors helping us, day-after-day, build a fairer future where both paradigms of privacy and financial value are protected for individuals. Let’s meet Nguyen Hoang Diep!

Who are you?

My name is Diep and I come from Vietnam. I am an influencer in the Vietnamese crypto community. I used to work as a digital marketer for years before I got hit by the Crypto sickness. My first touch with the industry was of course around the amazing Bitcoin. It was 3 years ago. I am managing since then several local communities and I am producing content related to Crypto on Youtube and Facebook. Crypto for me is a lifestyle and a philosophy of life.

Why Beam?

My first meeting with Beam was actually with the protocol, with Mimblewimble back in 2017. I was amazed to see that some people are dealing with the main issues when it comes to the crypto which are:

  • scalability
  • privacy
  • and fungibility

Mimblewimble is not a revolution but an evolution since it solves these issues. Mimblewimble is the natural next step for the crypto.

Now Beam took Mimblewimble as a basis to build its blockchain and its coin but the Team did an incredible work by understanding that compliance is also needed if Beam wants to be used on a daily basis.

Plus, Beam has a very solid team and a pragmatic approach when it comes to funding and governance. I love the vision and the application of this vision. I mean, the Team releases almost every week something new. For me, this is the strongest point. The Development Team is doing what it says it’s going to do. And believe me or not, this is not that obvious in this market. I can tell that I have seen a lot of ambitious projects that failed to deliver their product. Beam does the job. Beam does deliver. But more than everything else, Beam does work for the users, both the Developers and the Marketing Team think how to popularize the crypto among the non-initiated people. This is the way. Maybe the only one.

What do you enjoy working on?

I love studying and researching. I do feel before I talk I need to cover all the details of the subject I aim to present. That’s why I try to read or listen to everything about a subject. I love to solve mathematics problems too.

What do you want to see in a privacy-oriented digital world?

I would like to see first a more private world. The current situation forces us to revamp the way we deal with technology, human relationships, and AI-to-Human relations. Privacy is not an easy concept and I can tell that from Vietnam, because of our history, we do consider the concept of privacy from a different point of view. But that said, privacy is a human basic right, therefore it’s something important for the whole mankind. And I am confident Mimblewimble and Beam are a part of the technology solution but one thing is obvious in my humble opinion: if we, the people, don’t fight for our privacy, nobody will do it for us.

Why should someone become a Beam ambassador?

This is a tricky question. I became an Ambassador for Beam not because I wanted to be rich. This is 100% volunteer. Being a Beam Ambassador or like Beam’s CMO, Beni Issembert, said, a Beamster, is to be one of the active players in the privacy evolution. This is simple. When something big is happening and you believe in it, take an active part in the process, own the project from your point of view and join it.

I would say also that I joined the program because of the Team too. I was amazed to discover that Beni, for example, is not a traditional Chief of Marketing, he is a philosopher. Yes, a philosopher. It is incredible to see how philosophy can be the drive of a marketing strategy. And the Head of the Program, Gus Sulivan is one of the most performant people I have met in this industry. This is crazy!

In other word? If you would like to have a real ethical and technology impact on our daily lives when it comes to privacy and freedom, join Beam’s Ambassador Program.

Does Nguyen’s story inspire you? Want to become a Beam Ambassador? Click here to apply.

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