Agile Atom 1.2.4419 - Release Notes

February 11th, 2019

General notes


  • [cli wallet] Can import and export addresses (#346)
  • [cli wallet] Can specify which UTXO should be sent for any outgoing transaction (#339)


  • [desktop wallet] Added reasons for failed transactions (#328)
  • [node, wallet] Logs rotation mechanism will automatically remove less recent logs (#254)
  • [desktop wallet] Improved wallet synchronization indication (#206)
  • [desktop wallet, cli wallet] Revised transaction statuses will give a better indication on what’s going on at any time (#19)
  • [desktop wallet] Miner removed from the integrated node (#448)
  • [node] Use NoFastSync cli option to skip the fast sync when synchronizing with the blockchain (#432)
  • [cli wallet] Upon creation, the new password should be submitted twice (#137)
  • [wallet API] Added JSON RPC over HTTP (#423)


  • [desktop wallet] Error on missing peer when switching to local node (#271)
  • [desktop wallet] Fixed issues when switching back from the lock screen (#347)
  • [desktop wallet, cli wallet] Resolved compatibility issues when transaction was wired across specific sets of wallet versions (#416)
  • [desktop wallet, cli wallet] Fixed issues when transactions could be stuck because of a height lag when working with a remote node (#340)

Known limitations

  • Inconsistent transaction statuses when running two or more wallets that use the same wallet.db file, cloned manually.

PGP key added: “A6C6 2C9F 5593 1860 AFF8 3BBB 997E AB9F 3DF7 F375”

Verifying release binaries

  1. Go to and get the Public PGP key.
  2. Download the signed binary file (with extension .asc) you want to verify.
  3. Verify signature using PGP Suite or any other PGP verification tools

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