Meet BEAM Ambassadors #12 — Seung-hoon Cha — Seoul, South Korea

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May 2 · 4 min read

As an integral part of our Blog, Beam is highlighting the fantastic Ambassadors helping us, day-after-day, build a fairer future where both paradigms of privacy and financial value are protected for individuals. Let’s meet Seunh-hoon Cha!

Who are you?

Hello to all Beamers! This is Seung-hoon Cha from Seoul, South Korea. But I would rather just use an English name as Snake. Yes, that Snake. Hiss!

I really like animals. All the animals. Then, one day I got to get interested in snakes.

I am the kind of guy who doesn’t give a shit instead of my interest. Even wrote a book about snakes and studied life science in university. I thought I’m gonna be a herpetologist one day especially veterinary toxicologist. This is the origin of my name ‘Snake’.

I joined into the cryptospace early 2015. I was working for a gambling company mainly on horse racing. One of my senior there taught me about Bitcoin. He sent me 0.1BTC which was worth around $20. I started studying what crypto and blockchain are and sooner than later, I got fascinated into the spirit and value of trustlessness, autonomy, censorship-resistance. Also crypto was a full combination of various field. Computer science, investment, cryptography, game theory, politics, etc.

I am mostly interested in privacy and real use cases. And of course, Bitcoin and layer 2 solutions are things what I mostly like.

Why Beam?

I got to know about Beam since April 2018. One of my friends told me he is working on an anonymous blockchain which is an implementation of Mimblewimble. I really liked the concept from the beginning. It was an interesting approach.

“Snake” with Alexander Zaidelson, Beam’s CEO during Deconomy 2019

When things get into pseudonymous and anonymous, full spec anonymous is really important. Now just for crypto but for the existing world as well. And when we think about a full spec anonymous with the existing world or traditional industry, including banks or governments. They are really aware of these private currencies. We need to consider needs from different entities. I think Beam got the right way to penetrate all these kind of needs. Some people might argue with big founder’s reward. However, when we consider mass adoption, it would be a more efficient way to find the way and build the route.

It really matched well with my personal interest in crypto! Its positioning for ‘Scalable confidential cryptocurrency’. Trying to implement with Bitcoin with Lightning network and Atomic swap. All these features stimulated my taste.

What do you enjoy working on?

I always enjoy researching about snakes or any other animals.

Snake’s snake

But pretty much working, studying, learning, talking about crypto these days. There are tons of different topics and concepts coming out every second in this space. 24/7 all over the world. It never makes me bored.

What do you want to see in a privacy-oriented digital world?

For me, ‘privacy’ is a right which a person opens to only that he or she wants. We couldn’t fully enjoy the right to privacy. However, this new concept will lead us to the world without coercion.

Why should someone become a Beam Ambassador?

No one should become a Beam Ambassador.

But to me, it’s the best way to learn what I like, share each others’ insights on a different area, meet with people that have similar value or spirit. And I’m more happy to spread something that I think is good to people nearby me.

I can’t forget about Mimblewimble as well. It was a whole new fascinating story ever since Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin. To become a part of its first implementation would be something else.

Does Snake’s story inspire you? Want to become a Beam Ambassador? Click here to apply.

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Discover BEAM, a Mimblewimble Implementation focused on privacy, scalability and optin auditability.

Beam Privacy

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Discover BEAM, a Mimblewimble Implementation focused on privacy, scalability and optin auditability.

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