Meet BEAM Ambassadors #11 — Fernando Molina — Madrid, Spain

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Apr 3 · 5 min read

As an integral part of our Blog, Beam is highlighting the fantastic Ambassadors helping us, day-after-day, build a fairer future where both paradigms of privacy and financial value are protected for individuals. Let’s meet Fernando Molina!

Who are you?

I am passionate about technology since I was a Little boy I was already messing with my ZXspectrum+ and connecting with the “world” of the BBS, which were the prehistory of what the internet is today. Despite studying law at the University of Granada, I liked technology more and I founded several computer companies, dedicating myself to retail, digital services, and website creation.

Having been a Geek all my life, I got to know bitcoin and the crypts, first without giving it the initial value and already in 2013 doing mining experiments of all kinds and discovering blockchain technology in all its splendor.

I met Oscar Dominguez in 2014 and I began to collaborate with his TerritorioBitcoin project, which I decided to support, expanding the web to other types of services, such as the creation of the weekly Podcast in September 2017 and the organization of events to disseminate Blockchain technology, with Meetups, hackathons and since 2018 organizing bigs congresses in Motril, Andorra, La Coruña and in July 2019 we will have the V in the congress palace of Granada.

Now I believe that BEAM is a great step forward and it is necessary to give our support to be known in the Spanish-speaking world


Having spent so many years living with technology, having been so close to so many projects of cryptos and blockchain, as well as having “studied” them to tell something more about to the audience of the TerritorioBitcoin, I barely discovered BEAM, I realized that finally, We had a valid project for privacy and security in the transactions with the cryptos.

The issue of anonymity or privacy, I do not see it because of the fact of hiding information from the government or the finance ministry, no, I see it as security, that no one but me, or whoever I specifically want, know how much money I have, in that I invest it or that I simply pay with it, moreover, that no one knows who I am or where that digital money is. In the first world, it may seem silly to think so, but in countries not very far away, this public information can lead to robberies, kidnappings, and more serious and dangerous actions.

The Mimblewimble protocol and the BEAM technology, I firmly believe that they are a major step in the security of the digital society, and that is why I am a firm supporter of this project.

What do you enjoy working on?

I have always lived facing the public, my family had a bakery and as a child I have dealt with many clients and people, later on, being an entrepreneur and working in a local radio station, I enjoyed making my experiences known and keeping an extroverted vision of life.

Thanks to TerritorioBitcoin, now I enjoy giving talks in meetups and congresses and showing blockchain projects that can help to create a better digital society, and blockchain and Beam I think that they are part of that road that we have to travel.

What do you want to see in a privacy-oriented digital world?

Security. Privacy, as we explained in the BEAM presentations, is fundamental for the development of society and to have control over your own life. Without privacy, we are nobody, or we are simply a mere number within a society without values, feelings or possibilities.

The privacy of the information empowers the user who gets it, protects your privacy and does not allow others to manipulate it or make use of your data for it.

To greater privacy more security for all. Yes, the Government, as such, will want to exercise its power and will do so, so that you can provide that information, but with BEAM, you are assured that, apart from the legal public authorities, nobody else can access this information and if you access it, it is because you, you have given permission for it.

Why should someone become a BEAM Ambassador?

I think it has been clear, that I love the Mimblewimble protocol and above all, how well BEAM is developing it.

The very essence of the BEAM project gave me the confidence I needed to support them, and every day that passes I see that I guessed correctly that I was in one of the best projects of this year 2019.

BEAM is an accessible project, your team is REAL, easy to contact, you can talk with people who really exist and know about the BEAM project. Anonymity is good within BEAM, but in real life, I like to know the people I talk to and above all, at an investor level, transparency is key in commercial and human relationships, and all this is given to me in BEAM.

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