Beam | Releasing Mainnet

We are thrilled to announce we have launched Beam Mainnet, after nine months of rapid development, several Testnets iterations and numerous rounds of internal and external security audits.

As Beam is of innovative nature, this Version, even though developed in accordance to state of the art, is likely to: (i) contain bugs, defects, or errors that materially and adversely could affect the use, functionality, or performance of Beam or any product or system containing or used in conjunction with Beam.

What’s in the box?

Our Mainnet release contains the following components:

  • Desktop Wallet app (includes CPU miner node) | Linux, Mac, Windows
  • CLI Wallet | Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Beam Node | Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Stand-alone OpenCL Miner | Linux and Windows
  • Stand-alone Cuda Miner | Linux and Windows

All the binaries are available here.

Before you start

It is important to remove all older binaries and data before you start using the Mainnet.

If you have a previous version of Beam Desktop Wallet, do not forget to remove the data files located in the folders specified here.

Some things to make sure before you install:

  • Make sure your system is supported by consulting the list here
  • If you intend to mine Beam please make sure your GPU is supported by consulting the list here.

Note: Additional cards might work as well. Please make sure to test before launch.

  • Make sure your machine time is synchronized and updated
  • Make sure your machine has network connectivity


We are encouraging all users and miners to visit our User Guide before downloading the released version.

Mining User Guide is here.

List of supported GPUs is here.

Emission Schedule is here.

If you find a bug in our documentation, please make sure you report it here.

You can always visit our Github here.

Security Information and Vulnerability Reporting

Beam will announce any breaking security issues and vulnerabilities on its Blog.

  • Security Audit
    Beam has been subjected to formal third-party security reviews. See our Beam Audit Results Post for further details on these reviews.
  • Report Security Vulnerabilities
    If you find a security vulnerability, please report it via Email: We will take care of this report as soon as we can.

No premine

To prove that there is no pre-mine, our Genesis Block lists the hash of Bitcoins’ block 556833 as previous block hash. Bitcoin Block 556833 has the hash of 000000000000000000252d1233b45db2398147676e1662f43c26a526d2e22063 and was mined on 2019–01–03 12:46:37 GMT.

What comes next?

Right after this release, we will keep working the following features:

  • Pool support
  • Atomic Swap with BTC
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Payment platforms integration (API)
  • Integrated bitcoin wallet

These are only a part of our strategic roadmap. We will keep you posted. Stay tuned!