Beam Privacy
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Last update: July 28th, 2019

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, confusing to new users and barely regulated, turning users into ideal victims for scammers.

With a little bit of knowledge and some strong traditional common sense, users can defend themselves against cryptocurrency scams in general.

Due to the recurrence of scam attempts in the last days, Team Beam wanted to warn everyone against scam and to provide authoritative information on where to find Beam Communities and where to buy Beam coins.

We are doing our best to prevent scam attempts, but we urge our community to be careful and use the best judgment.

To avoid Scams in the cryptosphere in general, please refer to this valuable article:

Scammy Marketing Actions and Airdrops

Team Beam will never ask you for any kind of personal data but your email address when you sign-in for our Newsletter. We are a privacy-centric project first.

So, if someone says they are from Team Beam and asks for some details, or asks to send funds somewhere, you can be sure this is a scam.

Regarding Airdrops — we don’t do airdrops. Period. This is not our philosophy to distribute free Beam coins. We always have respected one strategy regarding our community building and our growth: organic, organic, and organic.

So, if you find a Beam Airdrop, know this is 100% a scam and please help us fight against it by reporting it in our Telegram community, tagging @Beamprivacy on Twitter or sending an email to

Who are Team Beam Officials and where to find Beam official communities?

Beam Website & Blogs

Beam Website sits on the following URL:

Beam Website protects the data you send to it using HTTPS.

Beam Blog sits on Medium:

We do have a version in Japanese and in Korean as follows:

Official Communities

Regional Telegram Channels

  • Main Channel


Admins: @vcorem, @bigromanov, @AlexanderZaidelson, @beniissembert, @beambbot, @vsnation, @ansui, @R45ku1

  • Vietnamese Channel


Admins: @KaoVan, @Diepnh, @beniissembert, @tamphat, @HienPhamAsia

  • Russian Channel


Admins: @bigromanov, @mostnonameuser, @MasterInvis, @beambbot,

  • Italian Channel


Admins: @bitergosum, @littleGuardianBot, @rafun, @beniissembert

  • Japanese Channel


Admins: @beamjapan, @telemethebot, @beniissembert, @vcorem, @R45ku1

  • Chinese Channel


Admins: @beniissembert, @ansui, @fengyuncrawl

  • South Korean Channel


Admins: @snakecha, @benissembert, @beamstatsbot, @AlexanderZaidelson, @johaslm, @beambbot, @R45ku1,

  • Turkish Channel


Admins: @nefsekor, @vcorem, @ansui, @kngrlr, @azbucuk, @hsynynrdg,

  • French Channel


Admins: @beniissembert, @Nautilus2, @huntershibe

Technical Telegram Channels

  • Beam Support


Admins: @bigromanov, @vcorem, @AlexanderZaidelson, @Denis_Asipenko, @HappySasha, @R45ku1, @gingervik, @vladislavkulyba, @Jagor21, @vsnation, @Sergei_Zayats, @ansui

  • Beam Community Price Chat


Admins: @shibatoshi, @R45ku1, @ansui, @beamstatsbot, @beambbot

  • Beam Developers Support


Admins: @vscorem, @bigromanov, @beambbot

Mingling Telegram Channels

  • Beam Freestyle


Admins: @beniissembert, @R45ku1, @vcorem,

News Telegram Channels

  • Beam News


Admins: @ansui, @vorem, @bigromanov, @HappySasha, @R45ku1


This is our Official Server on Discord: Beam

Admins are: @Angus#2935, @Raskul#5486, @beamJapan#1004

QQ Group

Our only official account ID: 909677190

Admins are 343608238, 1245816264, 246238606, 396968903, 1851068016, 397674379, 615969772

Wechat channel

Our official account is upon Invite Only.

Admin is @jianggaoyi3

Reddit Official Sub

This is the link:

Moderators: u/berryfarmer, u/BeamPrivacy, u/bissembert

Twitter Official Accounts


Where to buy Beam?

The most updated list of exchanges can be found here.

We strongly recommend to our community to check with special care the identity of their contact person before engaging. Team Beam can be found here.

Remember, Team Beam never will ask for any kind of personal details, including but not only, email addresses, crypto addresses, bank account details, passport copy, ID copy, driving license ID or any picture.

Please beware and stay safe!


Discover BEAM, a Mimblewimble Implementation focused on privacy, scalability and optin auditability.

Beam Privacy

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Discover BEAM, a Mimblewimble Implementation focused on privacy, scalability and optin auditability.

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