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The Beam Staking Campaign Comes to a Close!

The Beam Staking Campaign, which launched on October 21 2021, finally comes to an end after distributing 1,000,000 $BEAMX to $BEAM stakers over the course of 131,400 blocks (or 3 months). The first-ever round of $BEAMX staking was a monumental success, locking up ~20% of $BEAM’s total circulating supply across ~78,000 wallets throughout the staking campaign.

You can now withdraw your $BEAM from the smart contract and claim all your $BEAMX staking rewards.

Vote in the Beam DAO

The next step in fulfilling our vision of creating a community-governed confidential DeFi ecosystem is the launch of the Beam DAO voting dApp. $BEAMX holders can use the dApp to vote on proposals and developments of the protocol

20% of the $BEAMX total supply is locked in the DAO treasury to fund projects and developments based on community approval, conducted via voting. Read more about the Beam DAO Voting & Governance process here.

The Beamer community now holds 1,000,000 $BEAMX rewarding them with an initial voting power of ~20%. This voting power will gradually increase as more $BEAMX is minted through the “adoption and liquidity mining” programs constituting 36% of $BEAMX’s total token supply.

Out of the 20% investor allocation, 9.5% has been sold to investors, leaving the remaining 10.5% unclaimed for funding rounds in the future.

Gear Up for Upcoming Yield Generating dApps

Word has it that in February, stablecoins & DEX will join the growing dApp family, bringing along yield farming opportunities for liquidity providers & stakers. Further along, in 2022, expect an Ethereum bridge, additional dApps & play-to-earn games.

Come discover Beam and join our community!

Download Beam Wallet for Desktop, Web, iOS, Android

Learn more about Beam on our website and blog

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Leading the way to Confidential DeFi

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