Beamswap monthly recap #27

Smart contracts upgrade, UI enhancement, new stable token listing, another TVL milestone crossed, and plenty of PINK-astic rewards for the Beamswap and Beamex fams.

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7 min readApr 1, 2024


📈 Beamswap v3

🟣 Beamchef v3 Upgrade

Following the big upgrade of Beamchef v3, it was time for users to migrate to upgraded yield-bearing farms.

With Beamchef v3, you can supercharge your DeFi experience and take advantage of new yield-earning opportunities on Beamswap, including:

  • Lower transaction costs thanks to gas improvement
  • Individual control of stGLINT rates thanks to its improved rate management
  • Recently launched Yield Booster and upcoming Yield Booster Marketplace
  • And expanded utility for the stGLINT token

To enjoy all of the above, you should first migrate your assets from now-deprecated farms to new ones. Don’t miss out on next-level farming! 🚜

📈 Beamex

🟣 Fresh UI

Besides tweaking the platform’s backbone and architecture, we took some time to freshen up Beamex’s front end and user interface, too.️

Discover the new, smoother way of navigating perpetual trades straight from your wallet and take advantage of portfolio-expanding opportunities on Beamex.

Start trading now 👉

🟣 xcUSDT live on Beamex

Another upgrade to Beamex came in the form of expanded asset offering.

The perpetual DEX now allows you to spread your portfolio with xcUSDT.

This Moonbeam-native stable coin joins Beamex’s strategic pool containing $BTC, $ETH, $DOT, $USDC and $GLMR, and is currently the only native stable coin for leverage trading on Polkadot.

Explore decentralized trading opportunities on 👉 Beamex.

🟣 $60,000,000 in total volume

The exciting updates left a mark on Beamex stats, too.

First, the decentralized perpetual platform hit $50,000,000 in total volume. And soon after, it smashed right through the volume milestone of $60,000,000!

As a thank you for our users’ trust and loyalty, the order execution fee was cut in half, from 10 $GLMR to just 5 $GLMR.

Get in the game 👉

🎀 $PINK!

🟣 Live on Beamswap

After Beamswap’s successful initiative to introduce one of the most popular meme tokens to the platform and our users, it was finally time to put our $PINK money where our mouth is.

The $PINK token went live on Beamswap! 🎀

Get $PINK and start trading on 👉 Beamswap.

Or interact with PINK-thinking fellows 👉

🟣 Over 1,000,000 in volume

It goes without saying that the launch of $PINK on Beamswap was a blast! 🚀

The incredible influx of users wanting to get their hands on the pinkest token in the ecosystem led $PINK to become the first meme coin on Polkadot to cross the $1,000,000 volume mark. You’ve guessed it, on Beamswap.

Big congratulations to the Pink team, and here’s to new milestones!

🟣 $PINK Activities

Of course, the big bag of $PINK tokens that the Pink team allocated to Beamswap following our Proposal had to be distributed to our incredible community in one way or another.

To spread pinkness in the fairest way possible, we launched a series of community-engaging activities, rewarding everyone from traders to stakers on Beamswap and Beamex. (If you missed it, you still have time to get your foot in the door.) 👇

1. Beamswap $xcPINK trading competition

The most active traders exchanging $xcPINK on the Beamswap DEX are competing to get a share of the 2,222,222 $xcPINK reward pool. Join in while you still can — the competition closes on April 22! 📈

2. PINK Launchpool

You can also allocate your stGLINT tokens in the $PINK Launchpool on Beamswap and receive a share of a 1,000,000 $xcPINK reward pool. The activity is still open, so increase your chances of acquiring more $xcPINK! 💸

3. $PINK Airdrop to active stGLINT Stakers

Stakers who deposited stGLINT in Beamswap Staking, had a chance to earn a portion of the 250,000 $xcPINK airdrop. The snapshot was already done on March 27, but you can view the reward distribution here. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! 💪

4. $xcPINK rewards for BLP stakers on Beamex

Beamex users have not been overlooked in this pink-astic series of campaigns, either. A total of 1,197,917 $xcPINK was allocated to Beamswap, and 25% of those have been reserved for BLP stakers on Beamex.

As you provide liquidity to the BLP Earn on Beamex, you are elligible to a share of rewards, distributed at 10,000 $xcPINK daily rate. This activity is still live, so join today and make $DOT, $GLMR, $whUSDC, $xcUSDT, $BTC, and $ETH do the work for you. 💰

5. 1,000,000 $PINK Airdrop on Beamex

The second pink-alicious activity on Beamex has been focused on traders, and we’ve allocated 1,000,000 $xcPINK for the most competitive users. Trade straight from your wallet on Beamex, the Moonbeam-based perpetual DEX, and make your way to the 100 highest-volume wallets to receive a share of the reward pool. 📈

6. $xcPINK — $xcDOT Liquidity Farming

Lastly, you can get a share of the pinkest meme asset on Polkadot by depositing LP tokens into the $xcPINK — $xcDOT pool on Beamswap, and earn triple — $GLINT, $stGLINT, and a share of the 5,000,000 $xcPINK reward pool + liquidity provider fees!

Get in while it’s still hot! 🔥

More than enough reasons for you to paint your portfolio pink by doing what you do anyway! 🎀

🤝 Partnerships

🟣 Swing + $PINK

It was long in the works and we’ve announced the partnership before, but just recently, Swing’s cross-chain support has reached another level of bringing advanced opportunities to Beamswap users.

This time, by enabling purchases of the $PINK token from other EVM-supported chains.

Beamswap users can now swap $PINK from other blockchain networks in one click, without the need to navigate several platforms. What a time to be alive! 🚀

Access seamless cross-chain swaps 👉 on Beamswap.

👨‍👧‍👦 Community

🟣 Beamex PowerPlay Rewards Distribution

The community-building activities never cease on Beamswap and Beamex. How could they, with this incredible family of DeFiers supporting us at every step! 💪

In March, it was time to distribute rewards for the Beamswap PowerPlay competition that took place in February.

As usual, big thanks to everyone for joining in, and stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to compete with fellow traders on Beamswap and Beamex! 📊

Get your skin in the game and expand your portfolio with stable assets, meme coins, and other crypto goodies on Beamswap and Beamex.

Godspeed, DeFi-ers, and we’ll see you on the other side! 🚀

About Beamswap

Beamswap is a DeFi Hub built on the Moonbeam Network featuring a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an automated market maker (AMM). It gives users the freedom of adding liquidity, performing peer-to-peer transactions, swapping fungible tokens, and earning passive income from staking and yield farming. Beamswap will support the growth of Moonbeam’s ecosystem and act as a launchpad for new projects developing on the network. Our team’s mission is to aid in the multichain vision to serve as a host for projects on the Moonbeam & Polkadot Ecosystem while working alongside projects with existing infrastructure looking to bridge into the multichain universe.

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