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Beamswap monthly recap #7

The DeFi Hub expansion, new UI, partnerships, and boosted marketing efforts. Our work in July has paid off and resulted in significant growth in just a few weeks, quite a task in these wild times for crypto.

🤝 Partnerships

🟣 DEXTools

A few weeks ago, we partnered with DEXTools, a major provider and analyst of real-time crypto market data, allowing DeFi users to create unique trading strategies, predict market movements, copy the trades of most profitable wallets, and simply make the most of the DeFi space.

DEXTools now features Beamswap as an exchange providing a variety of token pairs, including $GLINT token.

👇 Go to DEXTools and check all the amazing features. 👇

📈 Beamswap DEX

🟣 $TIDE Dual Rewards

As announced in the previous Monthly Recap #6, we launched dual rewards boosted by $TIDE — in both $GLINT and $rTIDE. To receive double rewards, users should interact with the farms, either through deposit, harvest or withdrawal, in any of the Beamswap pools.

🟣 xcDOT on Beamswap Yield Farm

For all the Polkadot fans out there and everyone holding $DOT, we’ve launched the $xcDOT — $GLMR pair on Beamswap Yield Farm.

To learn how to get this ERC-20-compatible version of DOT and interact with it on Moonbeam, check out this guide. 👇

Start harvesting and earn some nice APR on 👉 Beamswap Farm 🚜


🟣 Top gainer

Soon after we were listed by DEXTools, our $GLINT token was among the top gainers on the Moonbeam Network, with over a 34% daily price increase.

What’s more, according to Moonbeam Daily, $GLINT ranked #3 among the top monthly price gainers in the Moonbeam Ecosystem. 👉 Original tweet

🟣 The burn continues

Higher volume on the Beamswap DEX and overall price performance were good news, and we further boosted the value of the remaining $GLINT supply through burning.

With 12 burns in July alone, we reduced the overall supply by 5M $GLINT, surpassing the 45M $GLINT burned to date and counting.

🔥👇 Feel the burn on our new Burn Dashboard. 👇🔥

🟣 Keep HODLing

With high volatility in the crypto world, we don’t take holding assets for granted, and loyal users who stick with projects regardless of the market sentiment are worth their weight in gold.

We are proud to have achieved over 9,100 holders of $GLINT, which represents the 2nd largest pool of holders on Moonbeam following $WGLMR, according to Polkadot Insider 👉 Original tweet.

What’s more, there are over 4,450 wallets staking $SHARE on Beamswap, with over $1M in TVL. The stakers are obviously taking advantage of single-sided staking and the utilities $SHARE has to offer:

✔️ 28% APR
✔️ Governance
✔️ Featured project tokens in syrup events
✔️ Exclusive access to IDO events

🟣 Giveaway

To give back to the community that supports us and the Beamswap DeFi mission, we teamed up with Polkadot Insider for a hefty $GLINT giveaway.

200,000 $GLINT made their way to 4 winners, now new owners — and, hopefully, holders — of the Beamswap native token.

🖥️ Website & App

🟣 UI update v2

No technology can make a difference without being utilized and well-received among target users.

To further optimize our user experience, we’ve released the UI update v2 with a sleeker look and cleaner flow, and the feedback we got from the community proved it was for the better.

👇 Browse the Beamswap app 👇

🟣 News & Announcements

With all the information outlets and channels draining our attention, it could be hard to keep the focus on a single platform.

To give our users a seamless experience in using DeFi services and navigating the platform updates, we decided to bring all news-worthy things under the main Beamswap roof.

The newly-added Latest Updates section recaps all the announcements posted on our standard community channels, but without social interaction, so you get the news in its raw form without the need to switch between apps.

👇 Make sure to check them out 👇

🏄 Team growth

After several months of laser-sharp focus on product development, we shifted to a higher gear on the marketing front, as well.

We’re excited to have welcomed a new CMO, Justin Silva, to the team, to pull the strings and bring the new marketing, growth, and PR strategy to fruition. In over a decade of digital marketing consultancy and seven years as CMO at the OXB Marketing agency, Justin has successfully executed hundreds of marketing campaigns for dozens of businesses. He even worked as a business wealth advisor with one of the top five banks in Canada, gaining a solid background in the financial sector. With his passion and dedication for digital advertising, analytics, SEO, branding, and investing in new technologies, Justin is bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to the Beamswap team.

Also, our community and business development got a stronger boost with Jeff “Jay” Shinoda, an avid crypto enthusiast and ambassador of the DeFi philosophy in the crypto community. Jay has taken charge of managing our Telegram community and keeping the members well-informed on everything there is to know about Beamswap and the DeFi ecosystem in general.

With new members on board, the Beamswap team has grown stronger and will work even harder to respond to our user and market demands and to position our platform as the leading DeFi hub in the space. 🚀

👨‍👧‍👦 Community

Our new marketing strategy soon started to bear fruits, and we’ve seen an increase in traffic, price action, and community members. Also, the organic coverage of Beamswap has increased, and we’re getting recognition from larger players in the ecosystem.

Despite the challenging times for crypto, our targeted marketing campaigns proved successful, and we’ll continue expanding our reach on several fronts.

🟣 New social media channels

We believe DeFi is for everyone, not just crypto connoisseurs. To reach more people, particularly those who don’t resort to crypto-charged Twitter and Discord, we’ve opened the Beamswap Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Check them out and hit that Follow button to stay in the loop with the best of DeFi even when scrolling through your friends’ vacation pics.

🟣 Weekly Swap Talk

Crypto never sleeps, and there is always plenty to talk about. To engage with the Beamswap community and mods, we organized Weekly Swap Talks in Telegram voice chat to discuss all the fantastic things going on with Beamswap and Moonbeam.

In July, we held two Swap Talks, and plan to announce more in the following weeks, so stay tuned 👉 Telegram Announcement.

🟣 TOTM — Tweet of the month

In August, we are moving forward with more critical partnerships, expansion of our community, and constant search for new solutions that would make Beamswap a one-of-a-kind DeFi hub.

About Beamswap

Beamswap is a DeFi Hub built on the Moonbeam Network featuring a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an automated market maker (AMM). It gives users the freedom of adding liquidity, performing peer-to-peer transactions, swapping fungible tokens, and earning passive income from staking and yield farming. Beamswap will support the growth of Moonbeam’s ecosystem and act as a launchpad for new projects developing on the network. Our team’s mission is to aid in the multichain vision to serve as a host for projects on the Moonbeam & Polkadot Ecosystem while working alongside projects with existing infrastructure looking to bridge into the multichain universe.

Twitter | Telegram Group | Telegram Announcements | Discord | GitHub



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