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Beamswap partners with Raresama and lists $POOP

In this strategic partnership, we’re joining forces with one of the leading NFT marketplaces in the Dotsama ecosystem and officially listing the $POOP token on the Beamswap DEX.

What is Raresama?

Raresama NFT marketplace is one of the newest kids on the block, but also one that has already made big waves in the NFT community. It was created by Moonsama, the leading NFT project in the Polkadot ecosystem, and it’s governed and curated by both Moonsama and Exosama communities.

Moonsama is the leading NFT project within the Polkadot ecosystem supported by 1,000+ weekly unique players. Its 2.0 edition unlocks the functionality of Moonsama NFTs allowing them to equip and evolve using NFTs from different blockchains including Ethereum. Moonsama’s one-of-a-kind Multiverse Bridge is a key to unlocking both NFT and Metaverse interoperability for the multi-chain future.

By community, for community

Unlike some NFT marketplaces, Raresama is focused on artists and community, and it’s built for them and with them as decision-makers. Being completely decentralized and free from reliance on VC support, Raresama is designed to be 100% in the hands of the community, including when it comes to choosing and voting on new NFTs to be added to the platform. On Raresama, community interest outweighs other listing methods, including monetary influences.

On Raresama, both emerging and established digital artists can find themselves a home that nurtures their creativity and storytelling through non-fungible artworks. Besides, the platform aims to provide them with comprehensive utility support into Moonsama’s Metaverse.

In just a few days since launch, Raresama is well on its way to becoming the go-to place for NFT fans, traders, and creators on Moonbeam and in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Learn more about Raresama 👉 here.

Raresama marketplace | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Scroll-stopping NFT collections

The premier collection to launch on Raresama was the “Raresama Originals”, a hand-picked inaugural selection of NFTs curated by Raresama Ambassadors and spearheaded by Yumi Arts. This highly diverse collection contains 2D and 3D arts, voxel and pixel art, and much more, depicting themes from abstract, cyberpunk and fantasy to impressionism and expressionism.


But it was the Gromlins collection that got the big ball rolling for Raresama. Gromlins are the latest collection of 3,333 wicked-looking creatures from the sewers of NOVA. The artworks were done by Justine Cruz, Moonsama/Exosama Art Director, who designed the Gromlin gang to celebrate the launch of Raresama NFT Marketplace.

The Gromlins collection on Raresama:

Gromlins made waves alright. In just days since launch, this first exclusive Raresama NFT set has beaten the status of top collection on the Moonbeam Network, and become the no. 1 trending NFT collection on Polkadot.

Since Raresama launched, it has generated hundreds of individual sales, with sales volume surpassing 979,000 $GLMR, and a total of 3,333 Gromlins have been distributed among 1,500+ proud owners.

What is $POOP token?

The Raresama NFT marketplace is 100% governed and curated by the community, which is facilitated by the $POOP token. $POOP is a fully transferrable governance token to sustain decisions on NFT voting and platform development.

The $POOP token will support community governance of the Raresama platform.

Besides deciding which NFTs deserve their spot on Raresama, the $POOP holders will also have their say in choosing the development direction of the platform. This includes options of profile customization, collection support, drop announcements, burn-to-reveal option, referral share, and much more.

Votable Raresama development options:

To get closer to the Polkadot/Moonbeam community, the $POOP token also just underwent and successfully passed the voting on Polkassembly in Referendum #53, a proposal to register $POOP as an XC-20 token. This will enable governance on the Raresama marketplace and cross-chain GameFi applications in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Tweet by DonnieBigBags, creator of Moonsama

While $POOP was created and is needed for Raresama/Metaverse utility and community-powered governance, its XC-20, EVM-compatible version helps Raresama unlock its blockchain infrastructure to connect with other dapps and projects, including Beamswap.

The core mission of Raresama is to give decision-making into the hands of the community, therefore, the platform cannot be governed by only a select number of inaccessible NFTs. With $POOP airdrops coming soon, Raresama plans to involve a wider community in the upcoming governance system and make it more democratic and flat-structured.

Beamswap x Raresama partnership

Following and thrilled by the engagement and growth of the Raresama/Moonsama/Exosama communities, we’re proud to announce that Beamswap is entering into a strategic partnership with Raresama.

Besides bringing our communities together and introducing our users to the magic of Raresama’s latest NFT art collections, we’re giving a boost to its $POOP token, too.

Official $POOP listing, Yield Farms, and Syrup Pool

In the Beamswap x Raresama partnership, we’re officially listing the $POOP token on Beamswap DEX in the $GLMR — $POOP trading pair.

$POOP officially listed on Beamswap DEX

Secondly, the Beamswap Yield Farm got richer for the $POOP — $GLMR staking pair bringing — not double — but triple rewards in:

  • $POOP
  • $rTIDE
  • $GLINT
Farm yields on Beamswap with triple rewards:

And, last but not least, the Beamswap DEX also added a $POOP Syrup Pool bringing a high APR for staking Beamshare. $SHARE token holders can now earn $POOP rewards for staking it while still earning ~23% APR in $GLINT.

Earn rewards in $POOP by staking $SHARE:

Head over to Beamswap to start earning $POOP, and check out the Raresama NFT marketplace for some wicked non-fungible art of the Polkadot space. 🚀

About Beamswap

Beamswap is a DeFi Hub built on the Moonbeam Network featuring a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an automated market maker (AMM). It gives users the freedom of adding liquidity, performing peer-to-peer transactions, swapping fungible tokens, and earning passive income from staking and yield farming. Beamswap will support the growth of Moonbeam’s ecosystem and act as a launchpad for new projects developing on the network. Our team’s mission is to aid in the multichain vision to serve as a host for projects on the Moonbeam & Polkadot Ecosystem while working alongside projects with existing infrastructure looking to bridge into the multichain universe.

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