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Recent UI updates on Beamswap

Advanced Trading, account updates, news & notifications, and portfolio redesign.

On Beamswap, we are proud to provide groundbreaking technology powering DeFi services in an easy way so that every user, regardless of their experience in crypto, can use and enjoy them.

In the latest platform update, we’ve brought to life some new features and tweaked the UI to make it even more user-oriented.

📈 Advanced Trading

The long-awaited feature of advanced trading is now live. With charts and instruments powered by TradingView, you can now discover patterns of price movements that will help you better decide your next trade.

👇 Learn more 👇

💻 Optimized UI

👱 User account

In the top right corner of the Beamswap app, you can find the button with details of your activity on the platform.

Now, it also includes an avatar picture and total portfolio balance, so you can always keep track of your funds without going in too much detail.

If you do seek more information, the account pop-up window is redone with a much cleaner design, including avatar picture and wallet connection status, while retaining all the previous functionalities and listing your recent transactions.

📢 News/notifications

We’ve also added the News/Announcements icon to the header/top menu, so you can always keep track of what’s cooking on Beamswap on a short and sweet drop-down list, without having to switch between pages.

📊 Portfolio page redesigned

Lastly, we’ve done a proper redesign of the Portfolio page, which now delivers a much cleaner and more nuanced overview of your trading activities.

The portfolio details the Allocation of your assets, History of trades for every asset, your Farming Rewards, Liquidity Positions, and Sharefarm Rewards, so you can always know what exactly constitutes your balance on Beamswap.

We’re committed to bringing you not only the best of DeFi but also the best user experience.

👇 Go and check the revamped Beamswap platform for yourself 👇

Let us know how you find the updates on our Telegram, and stay tuned for more new features coming soon.

About Beamswap

Beamswap is a DeFi Hub built on the Moonbeam Network featuring a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an automated market maker (AMM). It gives users the freedom of adding liquidity, performing peer-to-peer transactions, swapping fungible tokens, and earning passive income from staking and yield farming. Beamswap will support the growth of Moonbeam’s ecosystem and act as a launchpad for new projects developing on the network. Our team’s mission is to aid in the multichain vision to serve as a host for projects on the Moonbeam & Polkadot Ecosystem while working alongside projects with existing infrastructure looking to bridge into the multichain universe.

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