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Why you should have Raresama’s $POOP on the radar

Apart from giving its users complete control over how it’s used, the $POOP token delivers a broad utility across different platforms and games, and is even set to support cross-chain communication in Polkadot.

When $POOP token launched last week, it made serious waves in the crypto community. In this post, we explore why $POOP is much more than a currently hot asset, and how does it contribute to NFTs evolution, Metaverse, Polkadot, and Beamswap.

But first, …

What are $POOP, Raresama and Moonsama?

$POOP is the recently released governance token of Raresama which facilitates the voting process on the Raresama NFT Marketplace. $POOP is transferrable and underpins the functionalities of the complete marketplace. Its utility also covers payment for creating a user profile and minting NFTs on Raresama.

Raresama is the new NFT Marketplace created by Moonsama, the leading NFT project in the Polkadot ecosystem. Raresama is fully governed and curated by the Moonsama Multiverse community and Exosama. Its main focus is to empower artists seeking community backing, free from institutional or VC influence. All NFTs added to the marketplace must pass voting by the community and $POOP holders.

Moonsama is the leading NFT project within the Polkadot ecosystem with over 1,000 weekly unique players. The Moonsama 2.0 edition unlocks the functionality of using NFTs from different blockchains including Ethereum. Moonsama’s one-of-a-kind Multiverse Bridge unlocks NFT and Metaverse interoperability and adds its share to the multi-chain future.

$POOP launched with a bang

Earlier this month, the $POOP token launched on the Moonbeam network.

And right after, we listed it on the Beamswap DEX in the $GLMR — $POOP asset pair.

GLMR — POOP on Beamswap DEX

To say the launch was successful would be an understatement.

$POOP on Beamswap turning seven figures

In less than 24 hours since the $POOP token went live on the Moonbeam Network, it hit over $1 Million in trading volume on Beamswap.

It’s safe to say that the Raresama and Moonsama communities were waiting eagerly for the release and the opportunity to add some $POOP to their portfolio. The excitement was not just temporary, and $POOP is traded fiercly on the supporting DEXs.

Learn more about $POOP launching on Beamswap. 👇

Raresama breaking the charts, too

The figures of Raresama’s achievements didn’t fall far behind.

Following the launch on September 1st, the Raresama NFT marketplace, the creator of the $POOP token, has also hit another million — 1M $GLMR in total sales volume in just over a week and with only 2 NFT collections.

The impressive stats caught the attention of Polkadot on Twitter.

A few days later, the figures grew to 1.6M $GLMR in total volume of NFT sales on Raresama. (September 16, 2022)

The numbers speak for themselves. Especially when taking into account the current market sentiment and the fact that this is just the beginning of the $POOP token trajectory, backed by the largest community on Moonbeam/Moonriver.

But that’s not the only reason $POOP is set to do big things.

Governance model backed by the ecosystem

Soon after its original release, $POOP got ready for the production-grade environment of Moonbeam, where it launched as an XC-20 token, the xcPOOP.

It was registered as such after the approval of the proposal in Referendum #53 on Polkassembly.

Why is this important? For (at least) two reasons.

The xcPOOP token now serves as a governance token on Raresama, the leading NFT marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem. Besides, it can support cross-chain GameFi applications — an important feature for the Raresama/Moonsama gaming community, the most active one in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Their upcoming Metaverse on Moonbeam will also be integrating on-chain governance backed by $POOP token. The initiative was endorsed even by Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot and Kusama.

To nurture truly decentralized governance and detach from institutional backing or influence, all decisions regarding $POOP will be discussed and voted upon by $POOP holders through the on-chain governance of Moonsama.

But $POOP is not stopping there.

On the way to parachain

$POOP now has its own XCM/Polkadot-parachain slot to contribute to the way consensus systems communicate with each other.

The $POOP token, now officially an XC-20 asset, can move across parachains bypassing any asset bridges.

This brings a whole new level of interoperability, higher flexibility to $POOP holders, and more opportunities for its integration in a variety of use cases in the Polkadot/Moonbeam ecosystem.

Broad utility — and expanding

The Moonsama community is the biggest group of $POOP holders and will have their say in every decision regarding its utility and growth across the ecosystem.

So, what are some of the cases where $POOP has a role?

The $POOP-holding community will be able to vote on proposals like using the MCF (Moonsama Community Fund) to buy back $POOP from the market. Or, to introduce deflationary mechanisms to the token model to protect its value.

On Raresama, the top NFT marketplace on Polkadot, $POOP plays a crucial role as it provides holders with governance power and the ability to vote on new NFTs to be minted and curated collections on Raresama.

The $POOP token will support community governance of the Raresama platform

Besides, the $POOP owners will have their say in steering the direction of the Raresama platform evolution and deciding on possible future upgrades, such as collection-specific UI, drop announcements, burn-to-reveal option, referral share, and much more.

Votable Raresama development options:

In the broader Moonsama ecosystem, $POOP has its place, too. In the upcoming Metaverse, it will sustain crucial features and user-generated activities.

The multiverse will also transform the way players communicate by introducing a message exchange between three chat platforms — Telegram, Discord, and Metaverse map.

With the Moonsama/Raresama community actively participating in the development of existing and emerging platforms, including Battle for Nova, Pondsama, Metaverse land, and others, the list of opportunities for $POOP holders just keeps on growing.

Through Beamswap, users can purchase $POOP and add it to their portfolio to use it as a voting mechanism wherever they want to have their say.

Stats don’t lie

Raresama and Moonsama are more than just pretty designs and channels for $POOP utility.

The numbers paint a nice picture, too.

In just a week since launch, $POOP has:

  • 3,287 holders — and counting
  • ~25 Million $ Market Cap
  • ~50 Million $ Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)

Find out more on $POOP contract’s details on Moonscan 👇

In a couple of days, $POOP has been listed by Coingecko, one of the leading crypto landscape analysts. 👇

Right after, the Raresama (POOP) listing was added to the go-to crypto encyclopedia, CoinMarketCap. 👇

In the future, the community anticipates the listing of $POOP token on a CEX. But you can already find and trade it in a truly peer-to-peer way on Beamswap.

Bright future ahead

The enthusiasm and support by the Raresama, Moonsama, and $POOP communities are spreading like wildfire. The proposals they provide and their decision-making power keep the ecosystem ever-evolving, innovating, and growing.

Their conglomerate of platforms and use cases comprises the Moonriver-based NFT marketplace Moonsama, the Pondsama Metaverse, the Raresama NFT marketplace, NFT-based card game Battle for Nova, the Exosama NFT meta-RPG game, and the recent home run on the NFT ground — the Gromlins.

As the community votes on new initiatives, the $POOP token will expand its usability, drive market appetite, and provide more power to its holders.

Backed, controlled, and managed by the community, the $POOP token, its supply and utility are truly an example of a fully decentralized and user-oriented asset.

As the ball has only just started rolling, the most of utility opportunities and a widespread demand are yet to come.

And we’re proud to have been listing $POOP since day one.

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