Introducing Beantown Startup Studio’s core team!

After a month-long team formation process, we’re thrilled to introduce the core team of Beantown Startup Studio!

Aceil Halaby, design lover

Aceil received her bachelor’s in industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design and is currently in her second year in MIT’s Integrated Design & Management program. She has a rich set of design work experiences ranging from small-scale consumer products to large-scale real estate planning. She enjoys diving deeply into systems-level problems and is interested in this project because she has a buuurning itch to impact the world through disruptive social innovation that will have us living balanced and beautifully prosperous lives.

Glynnis Kearney, product enthusiast

Glynnis earned a bachelor’s from Dartmouth College, where she studied math, economics and studio art. She is currently a product manager at Jana, a startup whose mission is to “make the Internet free for the next billion.” Prior to Jana, she worked as a consultant at McKinsey, focusing on a diverse set of projects from public health in Nigeria to technology for retail companies. At McKinsey, she spent one year in an externship role leading strategic technology initiatives for a nonprofit focused on failing public schools. She loves to paint, scuba dive, and talk startups, and is psyched to have the opportunity to work with incredible people to solve meaningful problems.

Nate Van Vorst, technology aficionado

Nate is a staff software engineer at Delphix and an Adjunct Professor in computer science at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Previously he was the first engineer hire of a VC-funded disaster recovery software startup. With a master’s in machine learning and a PhD that focused on distributed computing, his technical expertise lies in modeling, networking, systems, and large-scale computation. He is looking for new ways that technology can help people better their lives and likes the wealth of perspectives and networks this project would bring together.

Vince Jeong, business fanatic & team coordinator

Vince earned a bachelor’s in operations research & financial engineering from Princeton and is currently in his second year of MPA in International Development (MPA/ID) at Harvard. He worked as a business analyst at McKinsey, as a project manager at a healthcare NGO in Tanzania, and as a business designer at a company builder in Colombia where he helped lead the launch of a new after-school education venture. He can’t wait to get down to biz with this eclectic team — plunging deeply into strangers’ lives, making sense of their stories, and creating new solutions to tackle underlying systemic problems.

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