How to add transactions manually in BearTax — Generic CSV Format

There would be a lot of instances where you will want to import transactions manually without integrating with a specific exchange. This could be to record OTC trades or P2P trades that you did outside of any exchange. Let’s see how we can import these transactions into BearTax

Vamshi Vangapally
2 min readJan 3, 2019


Need for Manual Addition

BearTax integrates with most of the popular exchanges via API or file upload and can import transactions without additional effort. However, if you traded on an exchange that is not supported by BearTax or outside of any exchange like OTC or P2P or LocalBitcoins, you can still import those transactions using our manual import feature.

Adding Transactions Manually

Yes, you can use the “Add Transactions Manually” button above the list of transactions and add your trades easily to the system. They will be listed as “Manual” and will have a delete button against them to remove if something is not right.

“Add Transactions Manually” button above “List of imported transactions”

Here on the pop-up, you can add transactions one by one by choosing the Buy or Sell, Asset traded and the date on which it is done.

If you have more transactions to be added — you can use the Generic CSV Upload to add in bulk. We provide a sample excel file with a couple of same transactions to show the format in which they have to be entered.

Please add your transactions according to that format and once everything is entered, remove the sample records on the top. Now, upload the file using the “Choose files” button to see your trades populated in the table above the instructions.

You can then verify if everything looks good. There is a provision to delete these transactions before confirming if not needed. Once everything looks right, click on “Confirm Transactions” to push them to your account.

Calculate your Gain/Loss

Once you add transactions manually, you should run them through the review, which triggers the tax run calculation and recalculates your gain-loss information.

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