Get ready to see some action — with effective Calls to Action

Bring the Action — designing CTAs

Here is a shortlist of the content

What is a Call to Action?

Do I even need a CTA?

Types of CTAs

Patagonia uses CTAs to engage audiences with their content by providing a video
Lead Magnet Example by
More form fields, less conversion

How do I design a CTA?

pampers: action, value, urgency — A perfect call to action. They also use some more copy to explain the “Why” further.
A ton of logos, a lot of buttons. The “why” is explained very clearly, but a lot is going on…
…especially when compared to Trello’s above-the-fold area. The CTA has a lot of space and attention here.
A lot of space and a lot of contrast for a big CTA — bound to drive action

CTAs as part of your content strategy



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