Falling In Love With The Chainsmokers

Alex and Drew are your typical American boys; tall, handsome, and complete with adorable smiles. Not to mention four number 1 songs, and an impressive gallivant around the world playing shows for hyped-up raving kids in body paint and crop tops.

Their magical key to the EDM kingdom was opened with the song, “Roses” featuring alternative singer ROZES; a woman who wears a floral crown around her blonde locks, signaling to the hippie-pop feel of the song. A clap beat backs the words, “Say you’ll never let me go,” a phrase they would soon hear sung back to them thousands of times from thousands of fans. It later went double platinum and shot to #1 on the US dance charts.

Alex Pall comes from the DJ world while Drew Taggart hails from a producing background. The two keep an impressive creative balance. When asked by Larry King where their name came from, Alex said, “Truth. Smoked a lot of weed at one point.”

You might know one of their first hits, “#SELFIE.” A novelty song the two describe as being about girls they saw out at the club and a specific tangent one went on about a guy she wanted to sleep with. “Selfie” is modern, childish, and fun; something every 20-something female can play at their pre-game before they hit the parties.

Peep the video below:


There is no plan for a debut album quite yet. Releasing successful singles and watching them blow into #1’s seems to be their method, and hey, it’s worked so far. Solid lyrical quality make The Chainsmokers lead contenders in their genre. We all crave a story that makes us feel emotion, along with a drop you can lose your mind to. Their latest song, “Closer” features vocals from Drew himself and newcomer Halsey. Tweeting about the meaning of the song, the duo says, “This song is dedicated to anyone that hooked up with their EX and right after remembered all the reasons why they broke up.” The pop-synth track is a lot lighter than we are used to hearing from the group. A male/female narrative brings more life to each verse, completing a story. “We ain’t ever getting older,” is the phrase thousands will be singing back to them soon.

Piece by Abbey Adams