5 Foods and Drinks to Easily Relieve Your Constipation

Everyone knows how painful and frustrating constipation is. Having it is like pushing a big hard rock from the 14th floor to the 1st. For at least 3 times.

By the time you’re on the 9th floor, you’d probably have your hands in a grips and legs up on the toilet. And by the time you reached the 1st floor, you’re probably all hot and sweaty. Then you start asking yourself, “Oh my god. I have to do this one more time?”

Instead of pushing to the point where you want to scream,there are ways that can help free you from pain and frustration 80% if not 100% of the time:

1. Drink Warm Water

Most of you start your day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea when you get out of bed. But if you want to stay away from constipation, or better yet, maintain your health, water is what you should drink instead.

When you wake up and before you get out of bed, the first thing to do is drink water. About 500ml of warm water. It will give you that feeling in your stomach that yells for toilet.

Note that if it doesn’t help, don’t force yourself on the toilet for more than 10 minutes as you wouldn’t want your anus to become swollen and painful or even bleed.

2. Eat Fruits & Malted Flakes

Take the time to eat your breakfast. I’d recommend fruits such as banana and apple and malted flakes such as Quaker All-in-One Golden Malted Flake Cereal.

I eat them almost every morning. The result is that most of the time, the urge comes before I finish my bowl of cereal and it takes less no more than 3 minutes to feel relieved.

3. Drink Coffee

It that still doesn’t help, coffee is the miracle saver. It’s probably your last chance to poop today.

I’d usually have a cup of black coffee after my breakfast. The feeling of urge may come immediately when you’re taking your 4th or 5th sip. If not, you may need to call it a day.

4. Try Meat with Green Veggies

Be it lunch or supper, I’d try my best to have some meat with green vegetables. One portion of chicken and 2 to 3 kinds of green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are what I’d suggest.

There’s still a slight chance that you’ll have the feeling of urge after a well-balanced meal of protein and fiber. If not, you’re preparing yourself for the morning poop for the next day.

5. Have Yogurt with Granola or Muesli

I’d eat yogurt with granola or muesli for supper when really, I didn’t feel anything at all for the most part of the day.

This combination works like a charm. The next morning, I would get the feeling of urge to go to the toilet, without even drinking a whole S’well bottle of warm water!

Do you have your own special recipes to help relieve constipation? If so, I’d love to hear them!