8 Facts About Avocados That Only Avocado Lovers Understand

I have a thing for avocados. The once-called poor man’s butter.

Despite how much my Dad dislikes it and says it tastes like durian, I still have a thing for avocados. It’s one of my comfort foods that actually has tons of nutritions and keeps me healthy.

Here are a few facts I’ve come to acknowledge for the past decade as an avocado addict.

1. It is a fruit

Yes, avocado is a fruit. The reason is it’s actually a berry and it fits all of the criteria for a berry, having a fleshy pulp and a seed and all.

2. It needs to be squished

Picking a fruit has never been more difficult. You spend at least 5 minutes standing in front of piles of piles of avocados, and try your best to touch (or I should say squish) every one of them to find the ones that are raw and almost ripe so you could enjoy them one after another for a straight 7-day week of avocados at their best.

3. It takes forever to be ripe

We believe we can pick the perfect avocados every time without the need to count the hours and minutes till you can eat one. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work this way. Most of the time we waited, waited, and finally by the time we cut it in half expecting a perfect ratio of 80% yellow and 20% green, it’s too ripe.

4. It comes with brown strings

Ever wonder what the tiny brown stringy things are in an avocado? The simple answer is that they’re either young fruits or have grown from a young tree. I eat them anyways unless they’re dark inside and out.

5. It is expensive

There are only two places I can buy avocados in Taipei. One is in Costco, which costs about US$13 for a bag of 5 avocados. The other is in the department superstores, which costs about US$5 for one. It’s amazing how a single avocado can cost more than 3 Fuji apples.

6. It is best when it is from California

I’ve tasted a US$1.4 avocado from the market, a US$5 one from the department superstore, and even organic ones which cost US$3.3 per one in Taiwan. But none of them had that unique fleshy, oily and creamy texture of Hass avocados, the dark, pebbles-skinned variety from California.

7. It is nutritious

Everybody knows avocado is one of the world’s healthiest foods. They come with naturally good fats, protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals. Also, not only does it contain potassium, even higher than a banana, it’s got more nutritions and less sugar than an apple!

8. It tastes like heaven in a smoothie

Avocados aren’t just born for guacamole, but other amazing dishes, desserts and drinks as well. One of them is a healthy and delicious green smoothie, a truly simple one made with just a cup of milk, ¼ of avocados, one banana and an apple. If you add a scoop of ice cream on top, you’d have the bomb: milk smoo-shake!