The post-platform economy

Returning to basics with Juergen Geuter, alias tante

The answer is not to find someone who’ll shatter all familiar structures and run the software for us, but maybe to keep the centralized infrastructure intact and find other ways of running it.

Decentralization is mostly used when we talk about a place where decisions are being taken. A centralized technology means: having a server, putting software on it, and inviting users. Then there is the idea of distributed systems—with a bunch of servers that are still a controlling entity. And decentralized technology means: not having just one server, but many different instances of server and software—with every operating group able to make decisions. Brought to the extreme, this model holds everyone on their own, running their own software, communicating with others through defined protocols. This absolute decentralization means you never have to trust anyone; the software is under your control, and you make the decisions for yourself and no one else.

“Maybe we can leverage existing trust and governance relationships, processes and institutions to build a space where we can analyze and understand: what works in a global governance hierarchy, and what doesn’t, and figure out the things that don’t work in politics. Maybe they can be fixed in the decentralized people-governed social networks better than in existing governance structures. In the end goal, we should have an infrastructure that we can control. We should have the right to vote on the laws and the processes of the platforms we use, and veto certain things—it’s a fundamental human right we should enforce in the digital space. The core functionality and the core data should be governed by entities that we have influence over—and that means they need to be run by coops that are funded by tax money, but run independent of the government.”

Curious to hear more? Listen to tante and Monika’s full conversation here!



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