Beyond the Pro-crypto Hype and Web3-As-Illusion Demonization

An open-ended exploration of a more beautiful paradigm of the internet

Tired of the polarizing narrative between pro-crypto hype and Web3-as-illusion demonization? We feel you.

This complex, exciting new chapter of reimagining the internet, its intention and values, players and currencies, and questions around beneficiaries, ownership, and fairness warrants for an exploration that goes deeper, broader, and holds the nuanced tensions of strong-held opinions. Beyond that, a focus on real-life cases, examples, and experiences that help take a proof-of-concept to realization.

Nothing less than this is the ambition with our first community-run, 20-week-long asynchronous conference, dedicated to the future of humanity, technology, and business in a decentralized world, which will kick off July 11 with contributions from more than 25 experts across business, tech, creative industry, public policy, academia, media, and the arts.

In partnership with global PR and communications consultancy Hotwire, we’re setting out towards a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable — in one word, more beautiful — paradigm for the internet.

The good news: everyone is invited to play along!

Even if this is the first time you hear the word “Web3” and have never dared to come close to a Discord server. That’s exactly where we started out as well, and it’s a big part of why we’re looking to embark on this learning journey together. Far away from insider-talk and more confusing abbreviations, and within a curious, inclusive mindset-type of space for all the questions you always wanted to ask, comments you were too hesitant to post on Twitter. A space held together by people who fundamentally believe in driving positive change from where we are departing — and a shared desire that business not only can, but must be beautiful.

So here are some big questions to start:

  • What are the societal implications and shifts in behavior to come?
  • Which business model opportunities and new organizational structures are arising with DAOs?
  • How will the crypto market be regulated, if at all, and who will be in charge of it?
  • Will we enter an age of the internet with interoperable identities between different platforms?
  • How can Web3 refrain from becoming a different-but-same Web2 in disguise?
  • How will our human-tech relationships change within an augmented — or fully immersed environment within the Metaverse?
  • What are more energy- and climate-resilient, sustainable solutions for blockchain technology?
  • Can NFT communities help drive social change through real-life impact by creating awareness, and help give voice to historically underrepresented communities?
  • And how is all of this technological progress going to advance our ways of being, bringing our societies together rather than further apart?

Sign up to drop in our Houseverse, powered by Discord, to go deeper, (un) learn critically, and play.

Here’s the full program and line-up for the 20 weeks ahead!

The House of Beautiful Business is a global community with the mission to make business more beautiful. Learn more about our Beautiful Business Trip, in partnership with global PR and communications consultancy Hotwire here.



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Journal of Beautiful Business

Journal of Beautiful Business

The House of Beautiful Business is a global platform and community for making humans more human and business more beautiful.