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Daria Khimych
Sep 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Checking out is the final and most crucial step between you and items you purchase from an online store. Yet it may not always be a straightforward process. Customers could get distracted or annoyed, which means they rather won’t bring any revenue. Our job is to prevent such a thing. 🙌

What can we do? Follow the most common rules of the checkout process optimization, and get inspired by handpicked design projects! 🦄

Do not hide costs

When it comes to money, customers should keep track of what they’re buying and how much it’s going to cost them. Nothing frustrates more that finding out that the product costs way more than it’s supposed to. FIX: include the costs at the top of the checkout page or even on the product page before users decide to proceed with checkout.


Give your users the time to consider their purchases by implementing “Save for later” or “Add to wishlist” options. While it’s not comfortable enough to complete an order on a mobile device, these options could serve as a base for the future purchase on the desktop.

Do not force sign-in

Make sure you ask users to create an account after the purchase has been completed. Otherwise, if you’re forcing them to sign-in on the first step of checkout, you risk losing 1/3 of your customers.

Guest checkouts

Statistics show that people don’t want to create an account before they make a purchase. Guest checkout is an excellent option for anybody who wants to keep anonymity.

Why this data is required

Most users don’t want to give a ton of personal details when creating accounts because they are not sure how it will be used. If you need important data like an email address or a phone number, you could show a hint to let users know what you’re gonna do with their data.

Buy page by Arlen McCluskey for Dropbox Design
Checkout Form by Mattias Johansson for Bambora
Checkout form by Artyom Khamitov
Bag — E-commerce Experience by Alberto Conti for Norde
Shopping Cart UI by Giga Tamarashvili
Shopify Checkout responsive payment ui ux by Virgil Pana
Inhouse Shopping Cart by Olia Gozha for Olia & Roma
Shopping cart variations by Olia Gozha
Checkout by Tomasz Zagórski for Optimize

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Design, User Interface and User Experience knowledge from 10Clouds Team. We are here to inspire!