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Addiction hijacks the mind. It infects your thinking and makes it impossible for you to trust your own thought process. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? My addiction tricked me for a long time, and it was hard work to stop being fooled. So don’t feel bad if you’re in booze’s clutches…

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Adele hit the news this week because she’s giving up alcohol. Is it strange that this is newsworthy? Perhaps. Does this say more about our obsession with celebrities or alcohol? I’m not sure.

Reading the story I was struck by:

a) how even millionaire hitmakers find 21st Century life…

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I think one reason addicts are so attracted to substances, such as alcohol, is because their consumption makes downtime easier. Potential boredom becomes less of an issue due to alcohol’s narcotizing effects.

Under the influence, we don’t need to really inhabit ourselves and our lives. Once alcohol enters the system…

Beautiful Hangover

Learning to live and love without alcohol.

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