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“It helped me feel more confident.”

“It allowed me to talk to people I fancy.”

“It stopped me feeling so awkward.”

As a member of 12 step fellowships, I hear people talk about why they started drinking a lot. Booze helped socialise. They felt more confident, less hampered by social…

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Thank you for passing on your hope and encouragement! We have loved published your stories of recovery from addiction and abusive relationships. Unfortunately, we have no time to do the editorial work required anymore, without payment. Two years has been wonderful, but we are ready to focus on other things.

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Adele hit the news this week because she’s giving up alcohol. Is it strange that this is newsworthy? Perhaps. Does this say more about our obsession with celebrities or alcohol? I’m not sure.

Reading the story I was struck by:

a) how even millionaire hitmakers find 21st Century life…

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I like to tell myself that I straddle the wall between sober curious and alcoholic. I’m just a teensy bit addicted. I choose not to drink because my life is better this way. But it took me a long time to get to this decision.

If you’re still unsure whether…

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First, congratulate yourself. Accepting that drinking is not right for you, or that you have a problem is a huge step. The first step down a new path is always the hardest.

If you need to quit drinking, there’s probably a large part of you that really doesn’t want to…

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There’s a lot of negative press about rehabs these days. A lot. And I get it, rehab is eye-wateringly expensive and the majority of the time it doesn’t even work in the short term, let alone the long term.

Addiction is a big problem and society has created a big

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I think one reason addicts are so attracted to substances, such as alcohol, is because their consumption makes downtime easier. Potential boredom becomes less of an issue due to alcohol’s narcotizing effects.

Under the influence, we don’t need to really inhabit ourselves and our lives. Once alcohol enters the system…

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When I was still drinking heavily I had broken so many promises to myself. My confidence was at an all-time low. I desperately wanted to quit but I had let myself down so many times that I had very little faith I could actually do it.

What is self-efficacy?

There is a concept…

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There’s a note in my diary I wrote around age 19.

I don’t know what to do about my social anxiety. I feel like I’m going to have to do something about it but what? Or maybe I can just become an alcoholic…

I was doing a degree which I…

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Sobriety is hands down the best decision I ever made. I regularly espouse the benefits of sober living in my writing. However, there are some honest truths about sobriety that I rarely see mentioned. …

Beautiful Hangover

Learning to live and love without alcohol.

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