Effort to Improve 1% Every Day

If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you must keep moving forward.

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Always remind yourself

You might be less smart or start from a lower place than others, but you have to work three, four, or even ten times harder. I haven’t found a better way than working hard, being persistent, and never giving up to reach your goals, especially when you start from a lower place than others.

Everyone has dreams, and I believe you do too. Whether your dream is big or small, achieving it will make you happy. But not everyone works hard to achieve their dreams. After a few failures, you might lose faith in your dreams and think about giving up. I’m sorry, but I don’t think giving up is the right decision. On your way to achieving your dreams, one thing that drives us to success is belief. Belief has a powerful hidden strength that helps us achieve our goals every day.

You know, in ancient battles, before going to war, what soldiers often did wasn’t choosing the sharpest weapons or the heaviest armor. The important thing they did was to strengthen their belief. They always believed that they would win and defeat all opponents. Because belief leads to actions. Weak belief leads to half-hearted actions, while strong belief drives and inspires forceful actions towards goals. A soldier with weak belief can’t go into battle with unbeatable strength. A player without a belief in victory can’t score amazing goals. A leader without self-belief can’t lead an organization.

So, to achieve your dreams, build a belief in what you’re doing. Of course, it must be accompanied by action, not just daydreaming. In your efforts, there will be failures. You’ll look at others and feel you’re falling behind and despair about yourself. But why not think that you need to work harder instead of spending time feeling guilty?

To me, success is a journey, not a destination. No matter what your goal is — a house, a supercar, a happy family, or a successful business — getting there is just a matter of time. What’s more important is the process you work through to achieve it. It might be waking up early, working late, convincing customers, or tiring physical exercises.

Later, when you look back, you’ll never regret and always be grateful for what made you grow. And when you succeed, you’ll have your own story to tell. If everything comes too easily, what’s the challenge? If it comes easily, how can it be called a test of gold and a test of strength? Only in the hardest times do you know who can last. Because the best horse isn’t the fastest, but the one that endures the most.

People don’t care about you as much as you think. Focus on what you do and try to be 1% better every day. Ignore criticism from others. When you succeed, people will start paying attention to you. At first, they may laugh at you, but over time they’ll support and eventually admire you. Work hard in silence, and the results will speak for you. Persist quietly in pursuing your goals.

You don’t need to announce to the world what you’re doing because you’re achieving it. The results will speak for you. Those who brag too soon while still in the middle of the race often fail due to overconfidence. These people are not scary. The ones you should be afraid of are those who silently and persistently work hard every day, and when they achieve results, everyone is surprised and admires them.

Limits are set to be broken.

Limits are formed by your own thoughts. Hamad Gunny once said, especially when it seems impossible until you complete it. Remember how many things you initially found hard, but when you did it, you were really excited?

When you couldn’t run a kilometer, it seemed really hard. So, when you could run 3 km, getting to 5 km seemed achievable. One kilometer is no longer your focus.

When you couldn’t wake up at 6 am, it felt tiring. Until you made it a habit, you started to find it funny when someone said waking up at 6 am is hard.

And like that, if you break the limits you set for yourself, you’ll gradually believe in yourself more and be motivated to conquer the next goals. In your efforts, you’ll encounter failures. I understand this feeling, and you know what? Failure is part of the game, and the longer and harder the road, the more failures are steps to help you go further. Step on each failure and learn valuable lessons to get closer to your goal.

And when you confidently choose to follow a long path full of challenges, you must accept the risks. I just sit and smile lightly at those who brag and play short-term games to prove themselves. If you only participate in short-term games, you’ll quickly fall because life is long. No one knows the future or what will happen in it. It’s the hidden strengths inside you that can help you rise through the thorns.

We often look at the people next to us and blame ourselves.

We feel like they are moving faster than us. That’s a very wrong trap called comparison. Comparison will kill you. Every minute you spend comparing yourself to others, you’re taking your own time to improve yourself and become better. You’re taking away your own precious time. Everyone has their own goals. It’s important to focus on them instead of the goals or achievements of others. What you should worry about is not being able to move toward your goals, not how far or how fast others on their track are. How can you compare when each person is a different individual and your abilities will be different from others? Even if your path to your goals is slow, achieving them will make you much happier than just imitating others.

Thomas Edison experimented over 1,000 times, 10,000 times to invent the light bulb for humanity today. J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before the masterpiece Harry Potter was born. So, keep telling yourself that your results are still small, and you need to work and persist even more. Any success you see in others is just external glamor.

You have to understand that behind those successes are efforts, tears, sweat, rejections, doubts, fears, failures, criticisms, hardships, mistakes, prices, lessons, pain, and oppression. And many other words describe their preparation in darkness, in silence.

You want to become successful like others, but are you willing to go through the pains, difficulties, and challenges like them? Do you dare to endure the pain they have endured? We often criticize and envy others or like the external glamor of others, but few dare to go through the difficulties of successful people.

Criticism is easy, admiration is easy, and so are you.

You must have your own difficulties on your way to success. So, create your own stories. Focus on yourself and care less about what others say about you. Because they can’t see what you do in silence and in darkness, and the difficulties you will encounter. You only care about your own difficulties, your silent efforts, and your actions. Throughout my career, I’ve missed over 9,000 shots. I’ve lost nearly 300 games. 26 times I was trusted to make the winning shot, but I missed. I’ve failed over and over again, and that’s why I succeeded. This is the story of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Your success will be counted by the number of failures and lessons you’ve learned. No one sings once and becomes a professional singer. No one reads a book and becomes knowledgeable. No one sells an item and becomes a professional salesperson or a successful businessman. No one gives a presentation once and becomes a famous speaker.

All have to go through long days of training and persistence, but painful failures that only those with enough patience, belief, and determination can overcome adversity and create extraordinary people. If everyone succeeded in a good environment, it would be very normal. Only when a crisis happens, who stays until the end is the most amazing.

Some people succeed but don’t know why they succeeded. They think they’re good, but there are others out there less lucky than them, and they know they need to work hard. I hope you are the one who is working hard for your goal. It’s your inner will that determines your success in any situation, not external factors.

There will be times when you feel extremely tired and lost. There will be times when you feel confused and start to doubt yourself. Stand up and go. Break all doubts by acting. Move forward rather than sitting still and going nowhere. Make people feel you are a reliable companion, a teacher to go on a long journey together.

If you can’t find one, find teachers and keep searching. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And when a person continues to believe in what they do, it will give them a tremendous ability to complete their goals.

The most accurate answer for every action is time.

Time will tell everything. Time will answer who is the most successful. But time is also the toughest challenge because it will eliminate individuals without will from the game. Only enduring horses will stay. In the end, you haven’t proven what you’re doing. Let time help you answer. Don’t be hasty. Haste can help you go fast, but it doesn’t necessarily help you go long.

Out there, the clock still ticks 24 hours, still passing whether you have limitations or not, or are complaining. The earth is still turning, still having people working hard every day to achieve what they want. If you accept giving up, you’ll definitely be left behind.

Life is a lot of karma. Time is very cruel. It doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. But whenever you fall and can’t get up, it will leave you behind. Stand up. Stand up and run. Run with your own legs, as far as you can. Friends might not always be by your side, and family might not always be close, but only you can truly help yourself. Remember, airplanes take off against the wind, not with it. And only then can an airplane soar high in the vast sky. All your efforts will be rewarded appropriately, and your hard work will reap results worthy of your effort.

When you succeed, people will forget how many times you failed. They will only focus on your success. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and others will soon forget them too. You don’t have to become something big in just a few days or weeks, but you can commit to making yourself 1% better each day. Just improve by 1% daily, and do it consistently for many years. You’ll see great results from that 1% each day.

If you were born without any innate talents, that’s okay. You have two choices: accept it and do nothing, or work many times harder. Wake up a bit earlier, work a bit harder every day, run a bit farther, be a bit more patient. You’ll always have to pay a price for the success you want. That price is consistent, long-term effort. When your price paid is high, you’ll achieve results that match.

If you succeed without paying a price, congratulations, but maybe someone else paid it for you. And if someone else pays your price, it’s hard to understand the value of your success. It’s hard to comprehend your delusions and the roots of your success. If you don’t understand your success, it may not last. So, strive. Strive on your own to achieve what you want. It’s more beautiful with the help of family, friends, and colleagues, not others. Your family, friends, and colleagues should be there to support you, not to live your life for you.

Life isn’t easy, and you have to accept that. I won’t advise you to predict the future, but to create your future with small, repeated actions and relentless effort and determination. Live the life you want and never forget your personal goals. Read books every day to constantly refresh and enhance your knowledge. Just believe in what you do, and belief is not enough. You must turn that belief into persistent, determined action every day to make your dreams a reality. And I wish you success.

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