Opposites Abstract, The Unreal Woman, and Lol Re Lax, Idc jk Jfk irl I need Xanax

By: Rose Knapp

Alfonso Colasuonno
Beautiful Losers


Opposites Abstract

Archetypical Futurist duel of the fates

Black against trite, gods sparring in a night

Hatred is forbidden, rage is its own cage

Except this once, just six specific situations

Once in a lifetime, St. Francis and Buddha

Can let it all out, let the pure mask slip

Hating evil is the only way to stop black devils

So let armies of angels descend with messianic shouts

Let plague and volcanic rains hail down on deserving sinners

Predestined poor in spirit within Sodom and Gomorrah

But wait! Where is the marketed love throughout all of this hate?

My manic text replies: you must destroy in order to create

The Unreal Woman

3 a.m. Broadway. No case.

Fake facial shadow

Surreal crimson lipstick glow

Lol Re Lax, Idc jk Jfk irl I need Xanax

LA may be a little lala but

it’s laid back, chill, dope, and ‘happy’

NYC is very neurotic n lala

it’s not your fuckin friend or bourgeois utopia but

it’s where people go to find dope and define dope

Rose Knapp is a poet, novelist, electronic music producer, and multimedia artist. She has an experimental novel forthcoming and poetry publications in Chicago Literati, PDXX Collective, BlazeVOX, OccuPoetry, Danse Macabre, and others.

She currently divides her time between Brooklyn and Minneapolis.