Step Up Your Gift Game with Tips from Pro Wrappers (bow not included)

by Michele McDannold

what do i write anymore
but epic craigslist masterpieces
that get flagged
for being impossible
 actionable items only please
 the holidays came and went
mourning for the dead
mourning for the living
 we eat til it hurts
even if it already did
 missed connections
 the world’s a mess
but there’s always
the clearance aisle

Michele McDannold has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. She recently settled (haha) in the Northwest region of Indiana following a short stint on the mean streets of Atwater Village in the city of Angels, California. Her first full-length collection, Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days, is available from Punk Hostage Press. You can find her on Twitter @oneldammit or check her website at

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