Cheile Turenilor: the first destination in Cluj Ring

46°36'7"N 23°42'49"E

Every time we have friends staying at our place for a day or few, we do one of Cluj Ring escapes, we developed over time.

The complete Ring looks like Cluj — Cheile Turenilor—Salina Turda— Cheile Turzii — Rimetea — Colțești — Cluj. Technically you can make this all in one day, but that is rather a crazy non-stop run.

Alternatively you can take just one or two destinations from this Ring and do a day program based on the selection.

Cheile Turenilor is approachable in two ways (both following road E81 towards Turda):

  • from above, if you take right in Tureni
  • from under, if you take right a little bit later, close to the Turda sign

First one is rather boring, you’ll see everything from the above and your journey is basically complete. No fun. You’ll also see the A3 highway, I doubt though that this is kind of beauty you are looking for while in escape.

Look at me standing here

Second one is nice and challenging (as long as one hour walk can challenge you). After you turn right and exit the village following the main road (along the river), it changes from asphalt to dirt road, this should not stop you though. Go all the way till you reach the dead end. By the moment it happens, you’ll get a clear idea what this canyon offers you and how to exit into ascending trail.

Perhaps the best moment to call your mom over your fancy 4G (not a joke) (Photo courtesy of Yuriy Havryliv)

There is not much to add more here. Get your thermos filled with coffee on a Saturday morning and go there for a greater good.