Practice Your Human Rights!

Lorena is an undocumented immigrant that entered the United States when she was 6 years old. Her parent decided to entered the US “illegally” to seek a better life and away from her biological father.

“My job as a Human Being” has many different meaning to Lorena. First, as a human being she has the reasonability to teach the other undocumented immigrants about pesticides, and what are the affects when they expose to it over a long period of time “It was really eyes-opening, because a lot of these families, they didn’t even know what pesticides were” I think it is really heart-breaking to learn a lot of the undocumented families are being exposes to these toxic chemicals but they have no knowlege about the danger. Second, as human she has to address the horrible conditions illegal immigrants are living in “ When I saw all this, I told my supervisors that my vision is to change one person’s life. Educates one person, so if their boss tries to be bad to them, they’ll say, ‘ No, I know you can’t do that, that’s against the law.’ If I can do that, then I’ve done my job as a human being.” I agree with Lorena on her perspective, they will need to learn and practice their basic human rights.

The role of college is very important to Lorena because she wants to use her educations as a weapon to fight inequality for example her organization helps to pass the Emergency Heat bill: “We also helped with passing the Emergency Heat bill into law…We helped oraganizes a press conference with one of our state senators…” She value her education even when life get difficult “Last quarter, I did horribly… I can’t quit school… I have to do it for myself. Because I know I can.” I support her ambition, education will give her a voice.

Pacheco and her famiy has live in fear because of their citizenship status “Undocumented people often live in silence and fear.” They are in fear of deportation back to “home country” which is ironic because most of undocumented families live in the US their whole life. I love Pacheco’s story, instead of being silence to trade for her family’s freedom, she choose to fight for it “Pacheco stood, chanted, and marveled…The authorities wanted her and her family to go quietly. Instead, they aroused a sleepin giant.” She inspire many documnted and undocumented families to fight for a greater cause.

When I first started middle school in the US, I was in the same boat with Lorena. I did not speak any English. I did not have any friends. I got make fun at because I was not one of them “…And I remeber being very scared, because as soon as I walked into the little school office, everyone was speaking English.”

I have not meet my students at Canal Allience yet. However, I know they will be frustrated because they are in fear to know if they are “good” enough to be in college. This week reading expand my horrizon in many perspectives, I get to connect with Lorena and Pacheco’s stories. In the end, I want to be like Lorena and Pacheco because their stories and actions are fighting against inequality.

Practice Your Human Rights!

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