Beaxy Transparency Statement

Hey Beaxy fans,

Thank you for your support these last few weeks! We’ve received so much great feedback and ideas for features and coins you’d like to see on the Beaxy platform; keep em’ coming!

We’ve also been extremely fortunate to have the support of a group of prominent and respected voices in the cryptospace. Many of these ‘influencers,’ for lack of a better term, are people you know and trust.

The most common question we hear is, “Why would someone want to align themselves with Beaxy? What are the incentives?”

Great questions!

To begin, we think it’s extremely important that we acknowledge the power of referral marketing. We’re all more likely to follow the lead of a friend than walk into the unknown. We want every user of our platform to share it with friends, and we want to reward them for doing so.

Many of the most successful growth campaigns ever run were referral marketing campaigns. Companies known for crushing it include:

  • UBER ($40+bn)
  • AirBNB ($38bn)
  • GrubHub ($12bn)
  • Binance ($xxbn)

You get the idea.

In short, an exchange is useless without volume. We can provide you all the tools and features in the world, but if there’s no volume then you can’t use them.

So now you may wonder what the relationship we have with these influencers looks like.

Well, nearly all the people supporting us have seen our demo or our pre-launch beta first-hand, and they’ve committed to be an early user.

There is a small group of folks we’ve recruited early and compensated directly for their time, who have all been clear about their relationship with us. The remaining 100+ Ambassadors we work with were drawn to Beaxy by word of mouth and by our referral program, which has lots of incentives in it.

Anyone that signs up for the Beaxy trading platform can sign up for our referral program!

  • Standard payout is 25% commission on trading fees from people you refer (juicy).
  • Ambassador payout is 50% commission on trading fees from people referred (extra juicy).

How do you become an ambassador?

It’s pretty simple. If you have a blog, website, facebook group, twitter account, or any other social platform that gets at least 50k impressions per month you can contact us at to apply.

If that doesn’t apply to you, you can also get referred by 2 other current members of the Ambassador program ; and no… they don’t get paid for referring you :)

In addition to a higher referral payout, Ambassadors can participate in private referral contests for extra incentives.

These incentives come in the form of team prizes and a slightly boosted trading fee % for the first few months.

We know that nobody with a brand or image to protect would align themselves with us if they didn’t think we were a great company. We have built something very special here and wouldn’t want that to be obscured by incentives or promotions.

A few things we will have on day one of launch;

  • 15+ order types, more than any other crypto exchange
  • Benchmarking at 225k tps pertrading pair, nearly as fast as NYSE
  • Smart features like multiple wallets per currency
  • Coin staking and loyalty program
  • Dedicated live customer support team

Coming shortly after that;

  • Tax ready reporting
  • Portfolio management
  • 26 order types
  • Mobile app
  • FIAT deposits
  • And much, much more

The whole point of building Beaxy is to make crypto exchange experiences more user friendly and secure. We thank all of you for following us on this journey as we seek to change the way you interact with cryptocurrency for the better.

The Beaxy Team