Beaxy Weekly Overview — #21

As I mentioned earlier in one of my articles, I recently became an advisor for Beaxy Exchange. If you have no idea what Beaxy is about, please read my earlier articles about it:

In my Beaxy Weekly Overview, I will talk about all the things that happened previous week for Beaxy Exchange. I hope you like the overview and keep following Beaxy Exchange.

Beta Testing Is Live

Last week a new group of users on Discord got the privilege to test out the Beaxy exchange, hunt for bugs, give suggestions and earn $BXY in return. I had the opportunity to test the previous version and could see for myself that the Beaxy team changed the things we found and suggested.

I could write a whole article about the experience of testing the exchange and the amazing quick responses of the Beaxy developers, but one of the most phenomenal testers of the Beaxy community already did that. A big thanks to community member Nmesis for writing this extensive article about his experience in beta testing Beaxy Exchange->

Albeit a beta version, it worked, looked and felt like a premium exchange platform should. It didn’t feel lifeless in the slightest, like one of the many tacky looking exchanges out on the market already. Undeniably, a lot of thought has gone into Beaxy’s simplistic yet vibrant interface and and its functionality.

Interview Bay Abbott

Last week I had the privilege to interview Bay Abbott who is Head of Partnerships at Beaxy Exchange.

We built a matching engine with unheard of throughput, and we have things lined up that will change crypto forever.

You can find the interview here.

T.J. Wilson Director of Public Relations

T.J. Wilson is the director of public relations at Beaxy. Last week he took the time to introduce himself to everyone.

Quite honestly, I haven’t met a group of people that is more determined, confident, and contagiously optimistic than the people here at Beaxy.


Last week released their article “Beaxy Exchange — The new gold standard for crypto exchanges?”. You can read the article here.

The exchange has made headlines recently by proclaiming to have service which will make it more preferable to Binance and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Using $BXY

As Beaxy is approaching the full launch of their exchange, I’d like to remember everyone about what you will be able to do with $BXY and how the features work. Beaxy wrote an excellent article about it “Using $BXY” which you can read here.

Now what if Beaxy’s native exchange token $BXY can offer traders more value from holding and using rather than selling? This was the goal in mind when designing the initial utility of the token.

That’s it for now. All the best to everyone!


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Khilone is an investor and advisor of Beaxy Exchange.

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