BXY Airdrop Announcement

T.J. Wilson
Mar 2, 2018 · 2 min read

We are excited to unveil the details for our upcoming airdrop. They are as follows:

  • 10 million BXY tokens will be distributed among the first 15,000 users.
  • Price is $0.041 per BXY token.
  • Distribution will be after Beaxy’s official launch.
  • 1 airdrop = 660 BXY

In order to be eligible for the airdrop users will be required to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram channel.

Once you’ve done this, head on over to Beaxy.com where you can find the Airdrop button. Clicking this will bring up the registration fields.

To register you will be asked to submit your email address, Twitter handle, and the Telegram username you used to join the channel. You won’t need to submit an Ethereum address to receive this airdrop since the BXY tokens will be loaded onto your Beaxy account.

To claim your BXY airdrop tokens, be sure to use the same email to register for both the exchange and for the airdrop. Doing this will load the tokens automatically into your account at launch.

We will send out notifications for:

  • Airdrop Registration — We will confirm your information has been submitted.
  • Verification Approval/Rejection —Rejection can occur if you aren’t able to reserve one of the 15k openings available for the airdrop or if you entered multiple submissions.
  • When the airdrop is available in your account.

Thanks again for your support! If you have any questions feel free to drop in our Telegram channel for assistance, and if this is the first time you’re hearing about Beaxy check out our last post for a quick look at what we’ve got planned!

Other news:
-There is an announcement on the horizon regarding the start of our Bounty program. Stay tuned!
-We just launched a subreddit! Check it out here.

Note: The launch of the exchange is the cut off date to pass KYC and claim any existing token balances that may have been earned through airdrops or bounty rewards. Any accounts that did not do so forfeit any tokens that they had accrued and will need to register for the exchange again.

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