Final Launch Announcement for Beaxy Exchange

Conducting Final Launch Check

The day is just over the horizon! Beaxy Exchange plans to commence full operation during the week of Consensus 2019, providing you with cutting edge technology never before seen in the crypto space. Featuring an unmatched user experience that is both powerful and elegant, Beaxy will be the all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange containing the tools and resources capable of supporting traders of every experience level.

OneMarketData & Beaxy’s Matching Engine

Beaxy’s exclusive partnership with OneMarketData is our competitive crown jewel. OneMarketData has decades of experience providing well-established financial institutions — like the NYSE and Bloomberg — with market data and matching engine solutions through their flagship software, OneTick. They now bring their expertise to the crypto industry for the first time to produce Beaxy’s matching engine which will result in faster transaction times, unique and advanced order types, and an overall smoother flow in order books.

For a small taste of the power that this partnership puts at your fingertips right from the start, look no further than Binance — currently the world’s #1 exchange by volume. One glance at their order types and you will see your order type options are limited to Limit orders, Market orders, and Stop-Limit orders.

Not exactly a robust selection.

This may be sufficient if you are looking for basic trading functionality, but users that trade professionally will want a greater degree of control over the orders they can place and the conditions that may trigger other actions.

“This platform is set to offer us crypto trading services that are on par with the quality of service offered by world class stock exchanges.” — Ross Dubin, SVP Global Head of Sales, OneMarketData

Because OneMarketData has built our matching engine on top of their existing software, implementing advanced order types is easy. Beaxy will roll out 9 different order types on day one(iceberg order type not pictured but will be available), with 20+ order types being available for use soon after. No other cryptocurrency exchange will have access to this technology.

That’s more like it!

Not sure how to use these advanced order types? No worries! Beaxy will provide a first-class knowledge base, that will breakdown every single component of the exchange in the simplest way possible. Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience trading in crypto (or at all!) we want you to be able to jump in and find the relevant information you’ll need to get started and be a successful trader. These resources will be accompanied by a YouTube video series posted to our official YouTube channel that will walk users through many aspects of using the exchange. Click the link and hit ‘Subscribe’ to stay up to date with the latest tutorials!


Throughout the crypto exchange world, we hear stories every day about fake volume, wash trading, spoofing, and nefarious acts. Beaxy technologies identify the bad actors to keep our users and trading environment safe. ETF applicants — take note.

Beaxy’s partnership with OneTick also brings Trade Surveillance to the digital asset exchange. OneTick Surveillance is a market leading solution used by Tier 1 banks, routing and executing brokers, clearing firms, FCMs, market-makers, retail brokers, and buy-side firms in both fully hosted and deployed configurations. With their help, Beaxy has pioneered military-grade security in digital asset markets. From the moment our users login in to the moment they withdraw funds from their accounts, our users are assured of the most advanced, state of the art security features available, including, but not limited to:

1. Third party security audit
Beaxy has retained a third-party cybersecurity firm to audit our exchange architecture and processes looking for weaknesses.

2. Multi-sig wallet protection
Exchange wallets are protected with multi-sig verification.

3. Blockchain sweeping protocol
We developed a special protocol to minimize exposure of funds to hot wallets, thereby reducing the threat.

4. Account Monitoring & Alerts
Beaxy has special tools designed to monitor for suspect activity on your account and prevent hacks or compromises.

5. System Health Monitoring
Much like the tools that monitor your account, we have system wide intelligence designed to respond to threats in an adaptive manner.

6. DDos Protection
Beaxy will employ enterprise level DDoS protection to prevent significant service interruptions.

7. Phishing prevention
Beaxy has a unique IP whitelisting approach that, combined with 2 factor authentication, help make phishing almost impossible.

Beaxy’s superior customer service team is staffed around the world and provides prompt 24/7 live support for users, so you can get support even in the extreme cases where you need help as soon as possible.

Features, features, and some more features

Beaxy was built by traders for traders, so we understand the pain points that exist with today’s exchanges, but we also have a very good idea of the enticing mechanisms we can implement in order to make this exchange work for everyone. Users will have a wide selection of new tools and features out of the gate that you won’t get anywhere else, but by using the BXY token in conjunction with the exchange you can vastly improve the value you can derive from trading on Beaxy. Let’s take a closer look:

$BXY Token

There are several programs available to users that will make even the most casual traders want to hold and use BXY:

  • Pay exchange fees at a 50% reduced rate when you pay with $BXY tokens
  • The Beaxy Staking Program rewards eligible users with discounted trading fees by locking their BXY. Use the Staking Program (up to 25% off) and pay your fees with BXY (50% off) for a discount of up to 62.5% on all trades!
  • Beaxy Loyalty Rewards Program pays eligible users up to 25% of the total monthly transaction fees.
  • 3rd party developers will be able to offer their own add-on features within Beaxy’s App Store. Purchases will be facilitated with BXY.
  • Holding BXY token grants access to more advanced tools on the exchange.

TradingView Charting

Beaxy has collaborated with TradingView to build a custom API bridge that
integrates TradingView charting directly into our exchange. So, whatever you can do with TradingView you can do on Beaxy.

Double-Sided Referral Program

Beaxy’s Referral Program incentivizes users with 10% of their referrals transaction fees for the lifetime of their account. Referred user receive a Platinum membership (20% off fees) for 60 days.

Features Only Found on Beaxy

Beaxy will have several features that will make for a unique trading experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Profit/Loss Calculator

Beaxy’s Calculator can help you understand what profits and losses will look like in different scenarios. You may autofill the Order form directly from the calculator if you discover a scenario that you would like to execute. Click hereto learn more about the exchange calculator.

Multiple wallets per currency

Each account will have 1 main wallet created for each asset by default, but you may have up to 3 active wallets for each currency. Want to manage wallets for different levels of risk? Now you can.

Integrated Knowledge Base

Relevant educational resources for traders will be linked directly in the exchange. Clicking a ‘?’ near anything on the exchange will bring you to a related support article.

IRS Ready Tax Reporting

Make your tax season manageable by generating a full report on your trades with the click of a button.

The Future

We’re not stopping there. Beaxy has a full lineup of exciting features that will be rolled out post-launch, including:

  • Fiat trading pairs and instant fiat deposits
  • Additional advanced order types
  • A seamless mobile application
  • ICO Launchpad / Incubator Program
  • Over-the-Counter Trading Desk

And more that we have yet to unveil!

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up today and join our discord to keep an eye out for upcoming promotions and announcements!