PLS Enabled!

T.J. Wilson
Sep 4, 2019 · 2 min read

The PLS program is now active! This highly anticipated feature lets you swap BXY tokens and receive trading fees generated by the exchange. 24 million tokens have been locked already, representing a significant portion of supply.

The PLUS token (PLS) provides loyalty rewards on Beaxy for qualified holders who convert their BXY tokens to PLS. PLS tokens may not be transferred or sold to a third-party but can be exchanged for BXY tokens at a 1:1 rate on Beaxy.

PLS tokens are not available to all users. Please check this list to see if users from your country of residence are prohibited from receiving PLS tokens and loyalty rewards.

Qualified PLS holders will receive a percentage of transaction fees collected on the Beaxy Exchange platform based on the duration the PLS tokens are locked, and the percentage of each user’s share among all locked PLS tokens. Fees are collected in all currencies and rewards are paid out in all currencies.

Need a refresher on the differences between BXY and PLS? Check out the infographic below for a brief overview.

If you’re a qualified user, swap tokens today to begin earning rewards!
(Must be logged in to see the Loyalty Rewards page. Non qualified users will not be able to view this page.)

US users and anyone else from our list of PLS Restricted Countries can still lock BXY tokens and take advantage of the benefits from our Membership Program!

Additional information on the PLS token can be found here:

That’s all for now! Happy trading!

Beaxy Exchange

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T.J. Wilson

Written by

Beaxy Exchange VP of PR and Content

Beaxy Exchange

All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange

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