Bebop is open to the world on Polygon and Ethereum

Earlier this summer, Bebop, a new decentralized trading platform, launched for a select group of whitelisted users on Ethereum. We received an overwhelming response with over 30,000 people joining the waitlist and forming a strong community on Discord.

Now, we are thrilled to announce that Bebop’s signature one-to-many and many-to-one token trading, efficient execution, and best-in-class user experience are open to everyone on the Ethereum and Polygon chains.

Bebop launches on Polygon

We are excited to launch on Polygon where users can enjoy dramatically lower network fees and transact faster while getting the same price quality as they do when trading on Ethereum.

“As a zero slippage platform offering full fee transparency, we are always looking for ways to deliver efficient execution. By DeFi standards, Polygon fees are negligible, which is paramount for delivering this efficiency to all users, for any transaction size”, says Katia Banina, Head of Product at Bebop.

We chose Polygon as a network with one of the highest adoption rates with over 53,000 decentralized applications (dApps) hosted on it so far and a track record of being secure, sustainable, affordable, and easy to use. Moreover, projects building on Polygon receive top tier ecosystem support including development, ecosystem connections, marketing and recruitment and much more.

Bebop’s whitelisted users have welcomed the expansion to Polygon citing affordability as its primary advantageHamzah Khan, Head of DeFi and Labs at Polygon, said: “Bebop is bringing new and sophisticated tools to Polygon’s DeFi sector that expand the user experience greatly and provide new options for experienced and novice traders alike. Bebop’s one-to-many trading will become an industry benchmark in years to come, and we’re delighted to help kickstart that journey.”

Bebop accessible to all on Ethereum

Bebop became available to selected power users on Ethereum on 6 June this year and further expanded to meet the registration demand.

Early whitelisted users varied from true degens to traders who were entirely new to DeFi. Novice users helped us fine tune the intuitiveness of the product. At the same time, pros from Cryptoesters and DegenScore communities provided suggestions from a power user perspective.

Many community members supported the project by producing local language content, which helped us to reach users in over 116 countries and created demand for some 17 local language channels in our Discord.

Beboppers’ favorite feature has become our signature one-to-many and many-to-one token trading. No surprise — it’s quick and easy and saves up to 65% on gas too! No slippage trading has been another highlight for our users. And of course our branding and UX didn’t go unnoticed — the most popular word used to describe Bebop trading experience has been “smooth”.

We listened to the improvement points carefully too and have already implemented a number of suggestions, including custom percentage split for one-to-many trades, improved gas estimation and, of course, the expansion to Polygon. “Gradual roll-out is paramount to achieving a high level of product quality, which we take very seriously. We were deliberate in our choice to use a whitelist program as we wanted to directly engage with every user in the community in channels like Discord, hear their feedback first-hand and follow up there and then”, says Katia Banina. “We are committed to continuing to engage directly with the users and community as we found this incredibly insightful and rewarding.”

Bebop executes on its vision of permissionless transfer of value for any asset

Bebop’s ultimate vision is to enable the permissionless transfer of value across any asset. We believe that anyone in the world should be able to trade any digital asset for any other asset, easily and at a fair price.

“Imagine the future where you are able to convert any digital asset you own to any other asset, from an NFT collectible on one chain to tokenized crypto company bond issued on another. All this without even thinking how it’s possible — all because of the advanced technology and ultimate user simplicity,” says Evgeny Gaevoy, founder and CEO of Wintermute, a crypto trading powerhouse that has incubated and invested into Bebop.

For Bebop, building this future means creating sophisticated execution and transfer systems across all major blockchains and token standards. The next key milestone on this path is developing advanced liquidity aggregation, smart execution and cross-chain interoperability. Our ambition is to build for a wide audience thus accelerating DeFi user adoption. We want Bebop to be “simple and fun to use on the outside and complex on the inside”, so we strive to abstract technical blockchain complexity from the users and deliver elegant design, easy to use and transparent experience, with some fun on the way. Stay tuned!

Experience Bebop now!

We are thrilled to have you come to trade on Bebop and hear your feedback. Thank you to everyone who has already joined our whitelist — your feedback and support has been invaluable.

Start trading and stay tuned for announcements on Twitter and join our Discord channel to connect with the community.

Bebop. Make the most out of every exchange.



Katia Banina
Bebop — Seamless and efficient crypto trading for everyone

Head of Product at Bebop and Wintermute. Background in financial data & analytics. I like building products, playing games and talking philosophy.