Feel someone that does not make sense will make you fall in love.

I don't wanna be anything of what you thinking I need to be. I am already all I always wanted to be, and the best I am is happening now.

If you don't like I am sorry, but it is your problem!

I am not perfect, and I know that, I know also that I will be found by someone that will look at it as perfect imperfections, that will complete it, without want me to be piece that must fit by itself.

Believing or not I am doing what you wish so much, and I did want nobody to change, nobody to accept nothing, cuz I did it all alone, and I don’t need anyone to make me happy. But I do want someone to share the happiness. I fight for what is right, and what the Rights brought to me, comfortable I can.

I might be in the spotlight then, and I like it. Because I am being myself, for the one that is happy when I do it.

You are not a reason for me, you are a person like we are all, you are not unique if you need reasons to do this. If you have reasons to stay together with someone, what is the sense of that? Love is not explained by a universal encyclopedia, and that is because it is made by that unknown variable that mark us all for difference, for creation and reason to be what we are now — Life’s experiences.


Like I want to believe so, “the fuel of love” is when you feel butterflies being random, the taste of that sweet salty of creamy crunchy kisses that you see on your dreams with all that romantic movies that your wish become true with the person that makes no sense and feels so good.

Can you be like no one?

As much you understand about “love” you realize what you can’t understand too. For me that is the magic moment when a special person that before was not making sense at all, actually starts make sense in all of it and feeling even better than before: your inevitable sign up into the strange exploration without guide, seconds that you want to multiply into centuries, every millimeter of the skin that you warm up, with who you will lose yourself over-and-over and want to keep it repeating till the of the infinity times. If you feel all of this, you probably in love, and have no reasons to change it, or feel scared.

Feel it! While you can't explain it, it make all the sense to be!