I’m down for whatever, when it comes to you, I could make love on the floor!

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Fostter Riviera — Winner Of Best International Porn Star at The Bessametonto Awards 2016 (The Spanish Porn Awards). Fostter is also organiser of the European Porn Awards, a leading stage performer and he has made 273 Porn Films in just two short years.— Alphatribe

This was my experience through my first Cologne Fetish Pride — 2016. I’ve literally started wishing that somehow and hopefully someday, I would find a Tom of Finland. Wishing for a bit more than a hand drawn sexy picture, a full perception of what Tom means and stands for. But all I saw was a number of gay men with self esteem issues who to raise their own importance as a gay target could only do it by diminishing others. Not everyone there but i seem to find some at every event i attend.

One Of Europes Top Porn Stars, Organiser of the Hustlaball European Porn Awards & The Hottest Thing To Ever Come Out Of Portugal. — Alphatribe

Rude comment and shameless attitude

There I was, with my best friend and fellow porn actor Sergio Moreno, and consequently contestant for Mr Fetish NRW, when a rude nonsense comment coming from some older guy hurt me deeply. Not because of the comment, but because of his attidude behind it after all this was “Pride” month, and Pride we must have. A older very fit guy maybe even in his 60s said: “You are too feminine!” — and guess what, Yes I am, but that does not make me less of a gay man, it does not make me more or less capable of fucking him. My answer was: “Maybe I am, but when we both lie down in bed i will have the biggest dick. So please, keep your masculinity to excuse your lack of self worth to yourself. A good story does not need a good cover…”. And that is the most honest truth. I am a gay porn actor that in most of my movies I top, i do it well, I am an aggressive fucker, an animal in bed, but that is all false reality, it’s just porn. In my real life I am actually the one who wishes a guy would fuck me hard in bed and abuse my little butt. He had attitude and thought he was better than me and many other guys in the bar yet we were the porn stars and we were acting normally and always do. Films are just an image. Porn stars are nice normal guys, i know many of them and they don’t have attitude yet often people i and you meet have tons of it and it says more about them than it does you. As gay men leave your attitude at home, when you are out just enjoy the company of everyone around whether they be muscular, older, younger, hairier or even feminine.

Auto nomination with the power for criticism

What does that mean? Well, it is the fact that all those autonamed fetish lovers, can only talk about how bad they think you are instead of living their fetish their way with whoever is there for them. I was at the bar all night and some people were so annoyed at the fact that I was there being a lover of fetish but i know my fetish so what was the problem. I know my place in the fetish world i have worked it out carefully over many years. They were so unhappy that they did not fuck all night and have as much fun as someone who knows his position well and is so happy in his gay skin. Instead of comments at movements and so on they should just work their own sex lives out and find their own position in the wonderful world of Fetish and not worry about mine and my friends as we sure know ours. I hit my goals, i did my fantasies and I did enjoy it. Well, I might not be the stereotype of whatever you believe in, but trust me, that I might be more genuine than all the others you have been up until now. I know every single step of how to dress, how to walk and how to live fetish, but because I live it, and when I answer your question “straight to the point” it is because I am like this, and I am not acting for you — so if you in any moment felt uncomfortable i am sorry that was not my intention but you need to work yourself out better — drop the attitude we are all gay men and we are all different — find yourself and then you will be happy, not happy by bringing other people down. If the only way you can raise yourself out of the mud is to bring everyone else down into it then you have a problem not those above the mud having fun.

Every fetish is not fetish at all

I am nobody to have such an opinion, but I am somebody that has learnt fetish the proper way. I learnt how to self fist my own ass at 18 years old. I tried everything a couple of times to find out what was good for me and what wasn’t. I even tried scat, didn’t like it so didn’t do it again. What i found out was that i really liked S&M and slave and master scenes. My first master was the man mainly responsible for my development, he was a superb master i was very lucky and he opened the door of a dream that I never had before, and he taught me, we had fun and it became my My name is Fostter Riviera, and I do love it! lifestyle and it became me. Imagine sex without such accomplishments is compared to sex without an orgasm. When someone tells me literally that they are into all fetishes i always think they have not found themselves. The truth is: they are a simple little slut and lying to themselves. I like several fetishes but I have one that is basic and only with that can you apply all the other rules. In my case it is S&M — Slave & Master — it is not about a typical hard fuck, it is when the master accepts my trust and owns my senses that i hit the real heights and i feel my natural home fetish state. Many guys wear sports kit especially in Germany where i have lived for the last 5 years.

“My name is Fostter Riviera, and I do love it!”

To a few it is their real sexual interest to others it is just fetish lite, an easy entrance into the fetish world and i often view it as a lazy fetish, aninto a bar and often not even a fetish at all. You can wear sportswear as clothes in the street, to the gym, anywhere it is not a real fetish in my view it is just dressing up! I do love all this fisting filthy play, and all these crazy sessions, one on one because it is the only way to do it properly, and i do it without any chems, because I must be entirely conscious at the edge of what I am stepping into. I am not a slave because I am slim or weak, in fact I am very dominant if the master does not do his job and does not control me, i take over because this is my nature. I am a Alpha man, and I live like that, but when it comes to sex i tend to surprise people — we often put lables on each other just from a look or first impression but often and certainly in my case we put guys in the wrong box and to be honest why do we put a guy into a box anyway, why do we need lables lets just all have fun. I like to be the one under my master’s boots, the one rubbing my tongue on his balls to call for attention, laying in a spoon position to feel protected, because I feel complete, yet i am an Alpha !. That also happens when I am the dog ready to bark in protection of my owner, the one ready to bite if necessary and the only fear is disappointing my Sir. So i say drop the Attitude and work out your Fetish position carefully, you never stop learning after all these films and appearances i have done i am still learning from men sexually every day. If you just want to have sex that is fine but if you want to join the fetish world truly then put the time in, have an apprenticeship with guys that know what they are doing, gain experience, try things out and you will find your fetish home and not just be playing at something with a lable on it. Well, who does not really like spit in the face when looking cute, and some kicks on the ass while pointing it to the moon like a telescope awaiting a big fat dildo to open it right up before a lubed hand or even better two do their job ? My name is Fostter Riviera, and I do love it!

Reviewed by Paul Stag

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