The plan was never to hunt for carrots and fuck like a rabbit!

And I did not, but I must admit that I saw so many rabbits on this easter that I ask myself “in which zoo I was living till now, because I never saw them before”. Some cute, some nerd, some hot, and one very cute, nerd and fucking hot too, but that is better don't talk about.

Well I had a lunch in home with my best friend and then on saturday I have decided to go out. I was planning have my first date since november, but seams that he got scared to date a porn star, to have a drink with the one that everyone talks about, and he did not appear what was even better so I don’t need to think about what I thought of the date, I simply need to be happy to have that opportunity to unexpected meet up with my friends.

While all of this, another unexpected thing has happen, an international travel made it even crazier, and guess what the cute dream was there too, clearly far and cold, or maybe just absorbing the details, or collecting the points that today seem the perfect weapon.

Because the ability to accept against your own ideals is called: respect the next like he is!

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