Google Cloud Summit 2019

vivek sethia
Sep 23 · 2 min read

It was my first experience attending the Google Cloud Summit in Munich last week. The location International Congress Munich was best suited for the conference, which was expecting around 4000 participants. The registration process was smooth and quick. The opening keynote started at 9 am. It was conducted both in English and German from different speakers. Live translation of the German talk was supported through headsets 🙌.

Keynote room

The keynote talks focused on customer stories showcasing how Google Cloud transformed the business for different companies with ease. The key takeaway was the recently released Anthos. It was mentioned to be future of the Cloud product which would easily help in maintaining hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Anthos for Hybrid and Muti-Cloud Environment

The schedule of the summit was nicely planned with 10-minute breaks after every talk. The talks were divided into four domains — 1. SAP, 2. Smart Analytics, 3. Hybrid Cloud and 4. Application Development. As I came along with other colleagues from Beck et al., we decided to split the tracks among ourselves. I attended all the talks from the Application Development track which covered Security & Compliance, Serverless, CI/CD pipeline, Migration, User Identity Management, and the most talked-about Anthos.

User Identity Management on GCP
Evolution of application orchestration problem and eventual launch of Anthos in 2019

It was nice meeting with people and getting to know different products built using Google Cloud. And top of all this, Google is promoting its courses on platform fundamentals in various cities such as Hamburg, Zurich, Berlin, and Munich.

Core Infrastructure — Munich, Berlin, Zurich

Big Data & Machine Learning — Hamburg, Zurich, Berlin

Coursera is also providing one month free on its Google Cloud Specialization courses.

While we wait for the next Summit, I am positive that the Cloud scene will rapidly develop.

Beck et al.

*Arbeiten ist Zusammenarbeiten*. Von Menschen, Daten, Infrastrukturen. Dafür stehen wir.

vivek sethia

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Beck et al.

*Arbeiten ist Zusammenarbeiten*. Von Menschen, Daten, Infrastrukturen. Dafür stehen wir.

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