An app a month: April (Tic — ResearchKit)

Beck L
Beck L
May 5, 2016 · 2 min read

This month I made an app using ResearchKit. Apple announced the WWDC scholarship app “theme,” meaning this year you have to make an app that creatively utilizes an Apple technology.

I originally wanted to use CareKit, but it was to come out a week later, so I slightly modified my app and I used ResearchKit. This project was very rushed as I had never used ResearchKit and had only a week and a half. I ended up having to remove one of my frameworks and use Codementor to help archive the app. I sacrificed my empty state for this. I started by figuring out what someone with neurological tics would need or like in this app. From there I did a basic mockup on paper and started building.

My data table view.

ResearchKit has no Swift documentation. Therefore, I had to rely on tutorials and StackOverflow for how-to’s and fixing my problems. I still have some crash problems when people try to access a graph before the data is loaded.

The ResearchKit pie chart in action.

Currently I am using Parse for my backend (I can’t get my server to stay on). When I eventually finish this app, I will migrate to my DigitalOcean droplet. I also use Chameleon for colors and SwiftyJSON for parsing my JSON returned by ResearchKit.

The ResearchKit survey (add entry)

Eventually, I hope to add a doctor’s app to monitor the patients progression. The app requires a code and your name to use it in the first place.

Tic is a continued project and I will eventually release it for doctors and patients to use. Because I will release it and there is secure medical data, I am not providing the source code for this project.

P.S — Check out my new “signature”:

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