An app a month: June-July (Update)

Here we are again. I just want to give an update on what’s been going on.

For starters, I have been traveling quite often the past two months and have not had much time to work on an app. Second, I have been working on a my first freelance project, a very strange app for a kind of shady client (everybody has to start somewhere).

But in the small amount of time I’ve had to work on it, I’ve been making a flexible template for slide based learning apps. I originally created “Literate” as a concept for teaching 7–10 year olds basic tech literacy concepts such as how the internet works. I currently do not have any screenshots as my test lesson has no images in it and it is less than an MVP.

Next month I plan to modify and release my Apple TV RSS reader that I made in May on the App Store. Check back in early September for how I did it step by step.