How To: Create Your Wedding Website

In this digital age, everything that exists in print also exists in an online space. Yes, even your wedding invitations!

You probably have been reading about wedding websites everywhere lately and started thinking, “Do I really need a website for my wedding?”And the answer is yes, yes you do. As an invitation designer, Becky J. Invitations is all about packaging your wedding details in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible, and sometimes, that means leaving out valuable pieces of information (like your wedding registry link) that may not jibe with the look of the invitations. That’s where wedding websites come in. They’re like an extension of the invitation, only in a digital space that’s interactive and holds much more information.

Your wedding website not only serves as a guide for your guests, it also streamlines communication with vendors. At Becky J. Invitations, we often ask our clients to provide their website link so that we can easily find details on the date, time, location, and more. Having that info all in one place saves you from having to type it over and over again in email after email when you’re contacting vendors.

Having a website for your wedding also saves you from being pestered by friends and family with questions like “Where do I park?” “Where are you registered?” and “Can I bring my kids?” You can leave the endless Q & A session to the Internet by setting up a simple FAQ page on your site.

Besides being a handy tool, your website can help keep your wedding memories alive by promoting your dedicated wedding hashtag and connecting guests to the wedding social media feed.

Now that I’ve convinced you that you definitely need to hop on the wedding website trend, let’s talk about how to go about making one (and no, you don’t need to be a computer science or design guru).

Wix, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Minted and just about every website software under the sun offers free wedding themed templates, but let’s go with the obvious choice and talk about The Knot’s free website service. They offer several adorable designs to choose from that fit every theme from rustic to florals to even mermaids.

Templates make it really easy to just plug in your details and photos, but not all templates will account for everything you may want to add. Here is a checklist of everything you should consider including on your wedding website:

  1. RSVP

Gone are the days when you have to have everyone mail back the little card that says whether or not they are coming. Be kind to trees and tell your potential guests to RSVP online! It’s environmentally friendly and makes it easier to keep track of your guests.

2. Time, Date, Venue

Duh. But for real, having these on your website is also a good reminder for people who might lose your invitation (how dare they) or those who like to easily plug locations into Google Maps.

3. Registry

Forget making your guests hunt for your names on Bed Bath and Beyond. You can provide a direct link to your registry right on your website.

4. FAQ

If you try to cram information on the dress code, parking, and whether or not kids are allowed on your invitations, it can get really wordy, and with design, less is often more. The solution? A FAQ section. The question about kids can also be awkward to deal with, but with a website, you have more space to explain your answer and word it as gently as possible so that any offended guests might be more understanding.

5. Social Media Stream

You can list your hashtag on the website, or even integrate Instagram and have your live photo stream displayed on your site. I recommend choosing the hashtag when you post your engagement photos and any wedding planning updates (the dress hunt post, the venue tour, etc. ) so that you already have photos in the stream when you launch the website. Directions on how to get your Instagram photos on your The Knot site can be found here.

6. Travel Tips

If your guests are coming from out of town or you are having a destination wedding, provide information on the best hotels, transportation, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about your guests and the experience they have at your wedding.

7. Your “How We Met” Story

It may seem a bit extra, but The Knot made this suggestion, and I think it is a sweet idea. Whenever I attend a wedding, I am always curious about the story of how the couple came together, and I am sure some of your guests may be too. If you need guidance for writing your story, check out How He Asked (but have tissues ready). You can also ditch the traditional story form and create an infographic story or just a timeline of your relationship milestones.

A wedding website is a must-have, and with all of the simple templates and resources out there, creating one should be a breeze. If you have any questions about designing yours, reach out to us!

Originally published at on May 21, 2018.



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