Make your friends become coders !

I believe that in our 21st century the digital world is only at its beginning. 
It was like a newborn when we were young children in mid 90’s and now it only achieved its first footsteps as we are grown and independant people. 
All of us is now an Internet’s citizen and is contributing, directly or not, to the Internet’s expansion.


Consider the fact that our civilization’s fate is closely intricate to the digital world’s one. 
Virtual places are getting bigger and bigger, some of them even became macroscopic physical real stuff. I’m talking about Internet Of Things which I’ll write an article about soon. 
We’re able to remotely pilot drones or cameras with our smartphone, we can also switch lights, heating, televisions and many other stuff since a long time now. It’s domotica and I think I’m in love for it.

Everybody should learn to code

I mean it for real. Coding is just like talking another language. It might looks like mathematics on the appearance and yes, in fact it’s pure logic, but it’s much easier and funnier on many aspects.

The main difference is that the mathematics we’re learning at school usually stays on the sheet and don’t do a lot of things while coding on a computer directly gives actual results that you can see, feel and interact with. It’s alive !
My first Hello World was in C++ and it wasn’t a big thing. But in less than a week I made my very first game in terminal which consisted into finding the two consecutives numbers that the sum gives the number on the screen.

If I had began with coding websites, it would have been even easier because you don’t programmate anything. 
When you start making websites, you just construct the page’s shape. It’s like PAO but for screens and with the tagging principle, which is easy to learn in a few days.

Coding is easy

At BeCode I met a lot of people from different horizons, different mindsets, differents beliefs. In less than 6 months, they were able to make their own web portfolio. 
They learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript, lot of them learnt PHP and OOP and some of them even learnt to handle React JS and Native !

The only thing that is needed to learn coding is motivation.

I think it’s easier than learning mathematics at school as with coding you see the result of your work directly on your screen, it’s interactive, it moves, it does things.

Coding is also a great way to learn a lot of things !

Still at BeCode, we started with Markdown. Good introduction to coding principle I guess. 
At the same time, we discovered git tool as we commited, pushed and merged collaboratives markdowns. Good introducing to tools and teamworking. 
A few days after, we then started to code basic pages in HTML and CSS. 
Then we started JavaScript. Then PHP and then NodeJS. 
We just spent a few weeks for each of these languages and technos and then we were free to develop our own projects and to work on true clients’ website like nonprofit organizations.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that coding opens a lot of doors and opportunities. 
At first, a lot of people here came from places that has nothing to do directly with coding. Now they are prepared and armed to web development. 
Some of them can even make mobile applications and deliver serious softwares. With these skills, they can now access to a lot of IT jobs, I personnaly get a lot of proposals every month.

In fact, becoming a web developer consists in learning to learn.

By coding, you become autodidact, you learn to search knowledge by yourself and you acquire it by practicing. It’s an active way to practice some aspects of personal development.

Future is coding

I sincerely think that making websites is the first step to the developer’s journey and, as global industries are getting more and more computered, the developer job offers keep increasing.

Schools should begin to teach coding to the youngers.

Coding at school already exists and I don’t know what method they’re using today but it can be a good thing if they understand this dev’s journey. 
Ok maybe it’s a little soon but we really should consider the fact that coding is easy, and more of it it is the future, our future.

This article is now over, thank you Surfers so much for your reading. 
You can also read me on my wordpress blog or get to my official website where you can find my portfolio. 
Bye !