Meet the BeCoders : Arnaud.

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Nov 25, 2019 · 4 min read

In each newsletter issue, we’ll give you the chance to meet one of the many people who make BeCode what it is.

This time, we’d like you to meet Arnaud, who first joined BeCode as a learner back in 2018 after a first career at Caterpillar Logistics. Today, Arnaud is one of our amazing Charleroi coaches.

Here is his full interview :

Tom Crohin (T.C.) : Hi Arnaud ! Could you tell us a bit about your background?

Arnaud : I joined BeCode back in January 2018, first as a learner. Back then, I had just lost my job after the closure of Caterpillar Logistic, where I’d worked for more than 7 years, holding different positions, from production management to analysis of customers needs.

Afterwards, I was part of the Caterpillar conversion unit and decided to take a new direction. Since I was attracted to the web sector and had some knowledge in programming, I decided to go for a web development training and thanks to one of my relatives, I discovered BeCode.

T.C. : How was your experience as a learner at BeCode?

Arnaud : After joining the training, I quickly adapted to the rhythm and it made me very happy to find myself in an environment that perfectly fitted me and that used a methodology and pedagogy that matched my vision and my previous professional experiences.

During my training, I had the opportunity to learn technologies I really enjoyed working with and I was never stopped in my progression. I was able to work with talented people who had the same aspirations and I got to share my experience and skills through different projects we collaborated on.

At the end of my training, I was offered to join the BeCode team, and I didn’t think twice about it. I first joined the team as a developer and assistant coach, and then became main coach.

T.C. : Sweet! What made you want to join the BeCode team?

Arnaud : The main factor for my decision was that BeCode places human beings at the center of its project. For the first time in my career, I had the opportunity to work in a social context in which the emphasis is put on people and where the main goal wasn’t a race for profits.

Another reason for joining BeCode was the global approach in which I feel complete, as far as the pedagogy, the communication and the long-term vision. BeCode was, for me, the ideal company.

Finally, the function in itself and the challenge it implies made me want to join BeCode. Every day is different and brings new challenges. That seems like a detail, but I hate routine and BeCode offered me the perfect playground to blossom.

Then-learner Arnaud attending the 2018 ING Breaking Habits hackathon

T.C. : Indeed, there’s no such thing as “routine” at BeCode. As a coach, what’s your drive everyday?

Arnaud : The first motivation is the daily challenge. As a coach, every single day is different from the other. We are always solving problems and looking for solutions : our job is a constant challenge, which is very rewarding.

Witnessing the learners evolve everyday is another important point. At BeCode, we have very different profiles and it’s a huge satisfaction for me to see these people blossom. Between the selections phase and the internship, their transformation is incredible. It’s very enriching to be part of this change.

Finally, sharing is a value I highly appreciate, both as a learner and as a coach. At BeCode, sharing knowledge is very important and I keep learning everyday thanks to my colleagues, my learners and the partners we work with on a daily basis. This synergy is essential for the group, but also teaches you a lot from a personal point of view.

T.C. : One last question for you Arnaud, what have you learned about yourself since you’ve been part of the BeCode family?

Arnaud : Thanks to this experience, I know myself better but I also discovered who I was not. BeCode allowed me to give a meaning to my professional future and to redefine the values and motivations that get me going everyday.

T.C. : Thank you Arnaud.

In the next issue, you will meet Chrysanthi, our AI coach, with an exclusive interview!


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