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Sep 12, 2019 · 4 min read

BeCode is expanding its horizons. Do you want to be part of it?

Our organisation

At BeCode, our mission is to grow today’s talented youth & professionals into tomorrow’s best developers. It’s a non-traditional school, that wishes to address the skills gap in an inclusive way. Opportunities and talents currently remain untapped due to a skills gap: the gap between what employers need and what job seekers are offering today. Whereas a large amount of digital job vacancies remains unfilled, a number that will increase dramatically in the years to come, most of these professions don’t require an engineering degree at all. With a logical mindset, a lot of motivation, a short but intensive training and the right attitude, anyone can learn to create mobile applications and websites and turn that into a profession!

Our first BeCode classes were launched early 2017 in the heart of Brussels and we expanded to Charleroi, Liège, Genk, Antwerp and Ghent since — with the intention to scale to at least 10 cities, training ca 1500 students per year, by 2020.

Job Overview

We have rolled out BeCode activities across multiple locations in a very lean and agile way. We are now looking to firmly root each campus into the local ecosystem, with the Head of Campus as the main liaison between the campus team and the companies in the area. As BeCode’s business model is mainly relying on business contributions for recruiting, training and reskilling/upskilling services, growing awareness and converting interest into business deals to ensure continuation will be the main responsibility of the Head of Campus.

The Head of Campus will also manage the end-to-end service delivery with the local team, i.e. from the recruitment of appropriate candidates to the employment of BeCode graduates. He/she will steer the local team into a qualitative performance, in line with the BeCode values, pedagogical framework and key processes and work closely with BeCode’s management team to keep innovating and improving the services.

We will recruit a Head of Campus for each regional hub:

  • Flanders (Antwerp-Ghent-Genk)
  • Brussels
  • Wallonia (Charleroi-Liège)

Responsibilities and Duties

Duties will include:

  • People management: recruitment and onboarding of team members as well as day-to-day coaching & management of the team, maximizing the team potential and outcome.
  • Business development: develop business partnerships in the area to both ensure economic return for the recruitment & training services (and therefore financial sustainability) and a qualitative recruiting of candidates.
  • Operational management: safeguard financial sustainability, ensure quality of rendered services and compliance with BeCode’s values, Brand and communication guidelines, pedagogical framework and key processes.

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have a deep understanding of the sales & marketing process and dynamics, and also superb interpersonal skills. Previous experience in business development and team management role are key advantages.


People management

  1. Participate in the hiring of your local team members
  2. Train, Guide and Coach the local team members
  3. Manage conflicts in a constructive way
  4. Evaluate team members

Business management

  1. Present BeCode (business services) to a range of companies.
  2. Visiting clients and potential clients to evaluate needs or promote products and services.
  3. Identify high-potential prospects and develop a go-to-market strategy for those.
  4. Secure internship positions for junior with companies that have an intent to hire and are willing to enter into one of the business partnerships BeCode is offering
  5. Negotiate contracts with prospective clients.
  6. Safe-guard qualitative delivery on all confirmed partnerships and maintain good relationships with customers & partners.

Operational management

  1. Coordinate the selection process to recruit local candidates in line with BeCode social mission and marketing strategy
  2. Coordinate campus trainings schedule and requirements
  3. Coordinate local trainings and ensuring conversion with the team.
  4. Answer client questions based on input from the relevant team members.
  5. Regular reporting to the CEO and management team.
  6. Maintain client records & reporting.
  7. Ensure compliance with the law and company’s policies — including public procurement compliance in case of subsidized projects;

Reports To

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the management team

As a member of BeCode you are expected to :

  • Be an excellent team player and support the others whenever you can
  • Entertain the solution mindset : each problem represents an opportunity
  • Contribute to our continuous desire to improve ourselves
  • Embrace BeCode values of social inclusion and fair treatment across gender, races, religions and all the differences that make us all humans
  • Act and behave professional at all times:
  • You are on time
  • You keep your promises
  • You communicate professionally
  • You are organized and structured
  • You organize your life around BeCode instead of the contrary


You are passionate about IT, web development and our era of new frameworks and hybrid mobile development?

  • A heart for social and preferably experience in a social enterprise context
  • Deep interest in coding and knowledge sharing
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and customer service orientation
  • Thorough knowledge of English & French with minimal basic understanding of Dutch (Walloon region) or English & Dutch with minimal basic understanding of French (Flemish region)
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to foster and cultivate business opportunities and partnerships
  • A Getting Things Done attitude
  • A solution mindset to embrace a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.
  • Bonus: prior experience as a founder of a new school or venture; experience in business development and/or team management

Soft skills

  • Customer focus
  • Patience
  • Rigour
  • Team spirit (collaboration, communication)
  • Ability to learn and adapt
  • And above all, you want to help other people to (re)launch their career !


  • Developing a happy & high-performing team
  • Conversion & qualitative delivery on business partnerships
  • Financial sustainability of the campus
  • Stay true to the BeCode DNA

Get in touch : karen@becode.org


BeCode: Learn to code, get a job !

Marketing BeCode

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BeCode: Learn to code, get a job !

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