Learn about our core values and why the fair wealth-sharing concept is at our core.

Sharing is the true might

Becomewater is unique and its vision is being drafted since 2006.

Our vision requires great will and mature consciousness not only from founding team but from the community, humanity as a whole.

Our values

We believe in our philosophy

It is a key indicator of our approach to problem-solving that we have a true philosophy of life that gives us an advantage over any other existing organization.

We know for a fact, that once you have learned what is the true reason for existence, and you follow this law of reason, you can have nothing but a winning strategy.

We know what is the reason for existence, and moreover, what is the meaning of this exact moment of human history.

This is our upper hand.

We believe in nature

We know for a fact that there is no tool required but human mind to acquire all knowledge required for the understanding of all existence.

The human mind is in fact a miracle.

We also know that respect for nature, history and achievement of past generations is the key to the global transformation.

We respect all, but we follow nature in which we see the obvious perfection.

We believe in humanity responsibility

We already see a big difference in approach to nature in the younger generation.

We believe that the key to responsibility is ownership.

People who do not own, who live on credit, can not be responsible.

Our current economy is based on credit in total.

We exactly know how to transform the current economy into the Earth responsibility project.

We believe in responsibility to which the key is ownership.

We believe in decentralization

If you take a quick look at the Universe construct you will see chaos and order at the same time.

The chaos comes from freedom.

The order comes from the cycle.

This world is broken, and the main reason for it being broken is the human organization of beliefs, religions, science, economics and false core values that drive this world into the abyss.

We believe in decentralization supported by a new type of organization delivering a true philosophy of life, following modern science and answering the most difficult questions of our existence.

We are ready to deliver.

This is the time for whole humanity maturity exam.

We believe in mind and science

Yes, we do.

We are not basing our approach on beliefs.

We base our understanding of the world on experience.

True philosophy must follow nature.

All science spring from a need of understanding nature.

We believe in spirituality

We not only believe in spirituality, but we also understand and soon we promise to redefine spirituality.

Without spirituality, there is no sharing of good vibe.

Happiness of human life is all about the good vibe.

Without good spiritual energy, there is no more sense in life.

Such life is becoming material, painful and nonsense, this drives humanity degeneration, drugs, abuse, war and mass psychological sickness — depression.

How to join Becomewater.com

We are planning on releasing a new website every few weeks.

We estimate that in about two months we will allow online registration and you will be able to join the team and support us online.

There will be different ways for our supporters to earn points and help us grow Becomewater.

These points will convert to blockchain-based market ownership values once we will put our tokens on the market and deliver blockchain.

We do not give any false promises and it is important for you to know the following.

We actually know that it is almost not possible to achieve global transformation.

Almost ❤

That it requires not only our wisdom and true love for nature, humanity and all our history but it will require huge global effort, belief and great sacrifice.

We actually believe that there is no other way for humanity to survive through the coming difficulties.

We also actively look for a private investor who will help us fund the nonprofit organization.

If you would like to learn more and help us build it, call +48 530 777 773.

Follow us closely to know more.


The Harmonizer

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